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Another Facebook group

hi ladies,

i was a huge lurker during my pregnancy and never posted much.  I was so busy with my toddler at home that it was hard to keep up.  I was involved with ds1 november14 board and then we moved to a Facebook group.  I am way more active on the facebook group than I was on the bump.  I see there has already been a Facebook group formed and it's for the regs (I get that), I was wondering if there was enough lurkers out there who are interested in being active on Facebook?

Re: Another Facebook group

  • I would be interested!
  • I would be as well! I've been using the app since the start, so I've never posted much. Facebook seems like it would be so much easier. 
  • Yay!  It would be nice to get a few more people the group.  Facebook is much easier I think!
  • I'm in! Plus it's easier to browse fb while pumping!
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    Yes please! lurker too.
  • I would be interested. Huge lurker throughout my entire pregnancy!
  • I'm a new lurker (up with a sick 16week old). I'd be interested in FB page
  • I'd be interested I was a lurker in this group mainly because my phone always made me re login when ever I wanted to comment on anything and that was a pain for me on my phone. Facebook is more my thing 
  • Do any of you ladies know how to create a secret Facebook group?
  • If one gets started, I'd also be interested. Long time lurker... 
  • I would be interested! Just returned to work and its been hard
  • Hi there,

    i was wondering if you were still interested in a private Facebook group for us lurkers?  If you are, add me to Facebook and I will create the group.

    i am Julie Burrows on Facebook 

  • Did this group get started on facebook? Which Julie burrows? Where do you live? I don't want to send the wrong one a request lol 
  • No one has replied or tried to add me lol so I didn't make a Facebook group.  :-(
  • I know I'm super late to this but I would definitely be interested! 
  • I'm super late to the game but I would LOVE this.  I'm a part of a Facebook group for my 5 year old (it's so much easier to keep up with than The Bump), but would love one for my 6 month old too. Can i still join?
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  • I am super late, too, but I will be interested!
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  • I know this is really old, but I would be interested! 
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