Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

TW. My Intro.

I really hoped to not have to post here (I don't think any of us want too). But here I am. 
My name is Kelsey and I am 25. Live in Canada on the west coast. 
My bf and I have been together 2 years in December and we are each others best friends. 
I have PCOS and was told I would never get pregnant without fertility treatments. Clearly we believed that because I've gotten pregnant now two times. I had a missed miscarriage with our first and then had another one that I just found out about yesterday. 
I just mentally don't know how to process this. I got used to the idea that I wasn't going to be able to get pregnant without fertility, got pregnant and truly thought it was a sign that I was going to be a mom. And then it was snatched away. 
I'm terrified to get pregnant again. Just the thought of going through this all again. 
To all of you in here, I am truly so sorry. I wish I could give you all a warm hug. I'm so blessed that my bf and close friends are so kind to me and understanding of when I'm having a bad day. 
Anyways I look forward to supporting others in here. I don't know much about this all but I am more then willing to offer support and positive thoughts. 

Re: TW. My Intro.

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