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strep throat.

I've pretty much self-diagnosed my strep throat. I've had fever and slight aches the past 3 evenings (not during the day), and this morning wake up with a bright red, sore throat. No fever thus far today. 
I'm praying that LO doesn't catch this. It would be a miracle if she didn't.
For any medical professionals -- is it worth it to take antibiotics after ive had symptoms for 4 days? Or let it run its course? I hate going to the Dr...

Re: strep throat.

  • Not a medical practitioner, but I got sick twice before DS even had his first set of vaccinations, and he never caught either cold. I hope you feel better soon, fingers crossed that your baby stays well.
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  • If it's strep you definitely need antibiotics, that's the only way to get better from a bacterial infection. Maybe try a minute clinic or something, easier to get into and less stressful than the regular doctor . Babies under 2 rarely get strep so I wouldn't worry too much about that! 
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  • Maybe I didn't have strep afterall. I was much better yesterday and back to normal today. Thumbs up to my normally shoddy immune system! These days LO and I are constantly alternating illnesses. Thanks girls!
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