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Baby's bladder? Help!

had an ultrasound on Monday. The RN called me today and said at my 24 week appointment I have to go in for another ultrasound. The baby's bladder wasn't full enough.   They said not to worry but I am. Wondering if this has happened to anybody?

Re: Baby's bladder? Help!

  • It sounds like they were just not able to get the images they needed, not that anything is wrong. Ultrasound waves move better through liquid, so if the bladder was not full, they probably just couldn't see enough detail. 

    At my 12 week scan, they said the baby's bladder was empty, and therefore they were not able to get the images they needed. However, nothing was wrong in the end.

    A LOT of people end up having to go back in for a second ultrasound after the anatomy scan, simply because the doctors cannot get all the images they need (the baby is moving too much, or in a position where they cannot see certain things, or the angle is just weird, etc.). That doesn't mean anything is wrong - try not to worry!
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  • I had to go back for follow up a/s with both of my girls- the tech just wasn't able to get all of the images my OB needed in order to make a decision regarding their health at that time. 

    I wouldn't worry yet. It's probably just that. 
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