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Pinscer Grasp

Anyone's baby have it yet?  LO is 9 months old next week and is able to eat finger foods, but he's still clawing at them and shoving the food in his mouth.

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Re: Pinscer Grasp

  • Yes! My LO just started using her pincer grasp a few days ago. She'll be 9 months on the 16th. 
  • We don't have it yet and DS will be 9 months next week. We won't feed himself either. He can pick up toys and other things and put them in his mouth but he refuses to try with food. 
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  • She grabs food mostly but sometimes uses the pinscer grasp. But she shoves food in her mouth as fast as she can. You'd think we never fed her. 
  • Try giving small foods in single quantities. My LO can pinscer grasp and I see her do it with lentils and small pieces of food but if there's a pile, or it's a finger food, she just grabs it with her whole hand and goes savage. 
  • Try only giving a couple pieces at once on the tray! If I put a bunch on he just smears them around or will do handfuls but if I do a couple pieces at a time he will use his pincer grasp 
  • I agree with doing one piece of food at a time. My LO has had the grasp down since about 8 months, and I honestly think it is because I was too scared to give her more than one piece of food at a time. But it seems like my choking paranoia has paid off, because she now has the most insane motor skills. She will literally pick up a piece of my hair out of the carpet. And this was not an isolated incident! She does it ALL the time. It has upped my vacuuming game, that's for sure!
  • @cyanope YES! I thought my guy was the only one he will find a microscopic anything on the carpet the vacuum missed and put it in his mouth! 
  • Haha...nope, @kaym6! Mine does it too. She will find pieces of lint or dust, pick them up daintily with her thumb and forefinger, and then place them in her mouth. It drives me crazy. I'm pretty cleanly by nature, but now I have to be a ridiculous neat freak. 
  • Mine does that too! Tiniest thing that I cant even see she finds. Oh well. Helps with their immunity right?! Haha 
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