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Fitness and Nutrition check in (week of 10/11)

Hi all! Meant to post this yesterday- thought we could use a place each week to talk about how we're staying active and healthy (or trying anyway!) 

1.  How far along are you?

2.  How did last week go?

3.   Goals for this week for staying active and nutrition? (And since it's our first week- what did you do pre pregnancy?) 

4.  Randoms /Rants/Raves/questions 

5.  GTKY:  favorite brand of tennis shoes 

Re: Fitness and Nutrition check in (week of 10/11)

  • 1.  7w2d
    2.  Last week was a struggle with fatigue and MS so unfortunately I only got 2 workouts in 
    3.  Goal this week is two sessions of weights and two sessions of yoga or PiYo.  Anything more is a bonus if it happens.  Before I got pregnant I worked out about 30-40 min a day x 5-6 days a week. I do BeachBody on Demand (like Netflix for fitness!) so I do a variety of workout types. I also teach a 45 min toning class at the YMCA each week so that's one of my 5-6 workouts. Nutrition....not great. Food aversions and nausea mean I'm eating whatever happens to sound good which is usually junk unfortunately. Normally we eat clean and organic about 80% of time so this is not normal for me.  I have a huge aversion to vegetables right now which is very frustrating! Hoping as MS fades I will get back to a more normally eating pattern. 
    4.  I just started on a daily baby aspirin per dr's recommendation last week- I'm wondering if I have to change my working out it nutrition at all because of it? Sounds dumb I know but these are the things that worry me! I will ask at my appointment next week
    5.  I'm a Nike girl for my cross trainers (only worn inside) and UnderAmour for running shoe for outdoor workouts like walking 

  • 1.  How far along are you? 13w 2d

    2.  How did last week go? Well my doctor told me I need to start exercising more as the second trimester begins and the energy returns. So far this pregnancy I've treated myself like a delicate flower. Partly because I remember bleeding after my walks in my last pregnancy and while I KNOW exercise didn't cause my mc, it's still correlated in my mind. Also partly because any amount of physical exertion has had me in a lot of pain in the uterus area. Even standing for two hours once had me doubled over. I don't know why. It's been awhile since it's hurt to just walk from the parking lot so I'm hoping that means actual exercise won't be as painful either. 

    3.   Goals for this week for staying active and nutrition? (And since it's our first week- what did you do pre pregnancy?) I'm hoping to start slow with two 1-mile walks. And since nausea had been fading I'm hoping to get down more fruits and vegetables. Pre-pregnancy I used to be pretty into weight training. During grad school though I was pretty sedentary and now I'm out of shape. 

    4.  Randoms /Rants/Raves/questions. Do you think exercise will help me get past the physical pain it causes or will I be making it worse? 

    5.  GTKY:  favorite brand of tennis shoe. No preference. My current pair is Nike. 
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  • @HGRich I would guess the exercise would help with the pain? Are you drinking tons of water? I find if I'm on my feet too long or if I haven't had enough water I'm in pain too. Not fun. Have you ever tried yoga? There are some great prenatal videos out there. I feel so good after practicing yoga- I'm relaxed and my muscles are all stretched out. 
  • Hi Ladies - I am 6w today. I have been taking it easy since my FET. But I want to start getting active again. Any suggestions on where to start? I know they say to exercise, but I still feel like sitting on the couch is safer - ha


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  • @1inthehopper I'm drinking a lot of water. It's all i let myself drink besides milk. So I don't know. But I really do think stretching will help. I've done Pilates before but not yoga. I think that would be a good thing to start, especially as winter is coming and I won't want to be outside. 
  • @MelD17011 I'm probably a bad person to ask. But I'd start slowly with walks and stretching. If you want to go more intense I hear swimming is excellent when you're pregnant. I know the bump app just posted an article today on exercise during pregnancy. 
  • @MelD17011 I agree with @HGRich - walking is a great place to start. Or a stationary bike. Remember to build up time and intensity slowly. Swimming, stretching, yoga are all good ideas too. I've been taking it easy since the TWW also- I know exercise isn't going to cause anything bad to happen as long as I'm not going overboard and stay hydrated but I'm just paranoid. I've been able to keep up with at least 2-4 workouts a week- I don't want to completely lose all my strength and stamina in the 1st tri already! But it's hard. I worked out this afternoon (I work from home) and then made dinner and now I'm completely exhausted! Frustrating. I guess we are growing humans though... 
  • @HGRich do you have a foam roller? That's something else that has felt amazing lately- rolling out my hips and glutes. I feel like I'm literally carrying stress in my pelvic area of that makes any sense and the rolling helps relax me 
  • @1inthehopper I do! That actually sounds like a great idea. 
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