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Has anyone had trouble eating/drinking milk products when pregnant?

I'm a first time mom, and before I got pregnant I have always been lactose intolerant. But Now its worst I can't drink or eat any milk, yogurt, ice cream or chocolate I will immediately throw up. I'm worried that my baby won't get the source of nutrients from milk. I'm 15weeks. Also would I have trouble feeding my baby milk when he/she is born? 

Re: Has anyone had trouble eating/drinking milk products when pregnant?

  • Dairy can definitely cause vomiting. It's actually recommended that you drink a lot of milk if you injest poison (on the way to the hospital of course) because it can help you expel it. I'd talk to your doctor, since you're out of the usual nausea stage, but I wouldn't get too worried. 
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  • There are plenty of other ways to get calcium and other nutrients found in dairy. It may take a little more work, but it's possible. 

    Kind of an opposite experience, but a friend of mine is celiac and she was able to eat gluten during her whole pregnancy without any issues. Pregnancy can definitely change how your body reacts to things. I will say my baby was sensitive to dairy once he was born - he'd spit up all the time if I ate dairy and breastfed or on occasion when we had to give a bottle of formula. I had to cut dairy from my diet and I'll admit it sucked. But around 4 months I started reintroducing it to my diet, now my little guy is 7.5 months and has eaten cheese himself without any side effects!
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  • I have a couple things to say... first, a lot of my family are lactose intolerant... my brother drinks a milk called lactaid, it is lactose free and doesn't bother his stomach, it might be something to look for when you can tolerate Dairy again. My husband won't drink lactate but we've discovered that his body can tolerate whole milk. He can't consume 2% without terrible side effects, but whole milk doesn't bother him.

    The other thing I was going to say is that I love milk (with chocolate in it lol) but around 16 weeks, my body decided I can't drink it anymore. I instantly get nauseated and start dry heaving. It sucks. I just drank my first bit of milk a couple days ago at 23 weeks. I just did it on a full stomach and took baby sips. I've been not eating a lot of meat lately too so I was getting nervous I'm not getting enough protein and calcium. I have an appointment coming up this week, so I'm planning on talking to my Dr about it, to see if there's a concern.

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  • Ahhhhh me!! I've never been lactose intolerant, but milk is the ONE thing that still makes me nauseous. I can't stomach it this pregnancy. I'm just hoping its not a sign that this baby with have a lactose intolerence. 
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