2nd Trimester

I'm fat!

I've gained 20 pounds already, and I'm only 20 weeks.

Re: I'm fat!

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    mrszoess said:
    okay? congrats. 

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    Uncalled for. Not sure what kind of response you expected for a post like this...
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  • I've gained 20 pounds already, and I'm only 20 weeks.

    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • ugh and i missed it :( 
  • I've gained 20 pounds already, and I'm only 20 weeks.

    1. This is a dear diary post.

    2. To someone who's trying to lose weight and my KU friends, fat is a very rude word / term
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  • Im sure if you used this term you feel horrible. While pregnant the F word shouldnt be used. im sorry you feel this way. i gained 1 pound and went back and gained 20. its ok. i felt a little down but i just made sure that i started journaling my intake, I  had gastric bypass 5 years ago so i gained and it wasnt the fact that i gained it's how much.I ate like crazy in November . Its ok just start with healthier choices expect to gain. BTW  everyone will not have the same feelings about their pregnancy. Some comments are just like really!? If she feels this way how about saying something positive and upifting. Some of you guys kill me with these memes like i bet some of you have them downloaded in your phones to say something uncalled for. Yes the term fat is not appropriate but im sure she feels bad. GEEZE
  • I clicked on this post because this is how I'm feeling, and was relieved to see someone else might feel the same.

    Momof2buggs: I'm sorry you feel this way. You're not alone. I think the advice to reach out to your healthcare provider is good and sound, and probably what you should do. Don't feel alone. In this stressful time of transition, don't forget to give yourself credit for all of the things going well and that you're doing right.

    To everyone else, please remember to try supporting one another. This is supposed to be a community, and it saddened me to see so many women gang up on the original poster, who was reaching out for support.
  • @ashaw84 and @jayandaplus

    Thanks for mature replies! The people on these boards are mostly just rude, and not people on whom you can rely for support. I've worked really hard on my body, lots of gym time and a rigorous eating routine, which I have not been able to continue since becoming pregnant, so naturally I am struggling with accepting weight gain. I will jump back into having a trainer and eating my regular diet, as soon as I feel normal enough after baby. It's still hard, though. Especially since this baby was a complete surprise, and not planned at all! I'm looking forward to my little bundle, even so. :)
  • It's actually recommended that you continue your normal exercise routine while pregnant unless it's dangerous to do so. I understand the shock of the weight gain, but you're not fat, you're pregnant. It's temporary. Just keep telling yourself it's not too late to start eating better, go back to the gym even if it's just to walk on the treadmill, and hit it hard again when baby is born.

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  • @DrillSergeantCat My routine was too rigorous to continue during pregnancy, and I was extremely ill starting out.  I missed a month of work, and was hospitalized, due to such horrible nausea and vomiting. It took me a few months to regain my strength, and between parenting, working, and having such low energy, there's just no way I could continue that routine. It has been tough to adjust, but will continue once baby is born, and I'm feeling back to normal. Thank you
  • Someone gets reported for complaining about their weight gain? Why? This group should be about support.  I just entered my 2nd trimester ,  but I think I'm going to stick to my birth month group.
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  • Oooo that's weird! so sorry!
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