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Successful VBAC!!

Just had our sweet girl on Oct 4th after a successful VBAC!! I always enjoyed reading everyone's stories as I prepared for our own attempt...thought I would share my story, as well!

Backstory -  19 months between our first child and this one, first birth ended in emergency c-section due to son's heart rate dropping at each contraction, our Doctor is pretty conservative and put a hard-stop for VBAC at 40 weeks and will not induce, official due date was Oct 14th so I had until then to go into labor on my own. 

Went to the doctor at 37 + 4 where baby looked great. Doctor decided to do a very very slight membrane sweep. I had some
cramps that night but nothing major (not even any spotting). I knew at my next appointment we would do a full sweep. At 38 + 3, I was 80% effaced and 3 cm.  Doctor did a full membrane sweep. This was at 3:00 pm. By 5:30 pm I was cramping really bad which turned into full on contractions. I tried showering (which helped), but as soon as I was out we were timing my contractions at 2-3 minutes apart. We rushed to the hospital and I was already 7 cm...this was at 6:30 pm. By the time we were admitted and in our room, I as at 8 cm. I received my epidural and was ready to start pushing by 10:30 pm. After 30 minutes, she was out!!

I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience, and I wish for anyone attempting one the same!! 

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