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Before kids, I would side eye a parent hard when...

I saw they had their baby out in public without shoes on their feet. 

Nowadays, my baby never has shoes on, or socks for that matter, because they just don't stay on!! It's really not worth the struggle. 

sorry to every parent I ever judged. Sorry x 1,000,000

So ladies, tell me, what have you judged that you are now feeling sorry (eating your words) about?

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Re: Before kids, I would side eye a parent hard when...

  • I have to agree with the socks comment! DS kicks them off multiple times a day. And sometimes he just doesn't wear them because it's warm outside already. His feet tend to get sweaty so I let them breathe. 
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  • A few things probably.

    1) When I would be waiting in my car for a parking space in a busy lot, and a parent would take FOREVER to get situated and pull out of their space. Now I understand the baby is not a doll or other inanimate object, they may kick/cry when getting in the car. It may be a hot day and you want to cool the car before loading the baby, or feed them before a long drive home. Plus there is the loading up of the stroller and diaper bag to consider. I'm much more patient now.

    2) Crying infants. I used to wonder why a parent wasn't addressing the needs of their child when their baby was crying. How could they possibly just ignore them? Now I understand that sometimes you've met every possible need, you're out in public, you've walked the baby around outside trying to soothe them a bazillion times, and the last remaining option is to just hold them and let them "say what they need to say" before passing out. 

    I still get really uptight with parents who let their sick children cough all over everything (i.e a foot away from my infant in his stroller). I wonder how I'll feel about that when my child is in elementary school, and if I'll have loosened up. 
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  • edited October 2016
    How about having a house full of toys/baby stuff? I would think "this baby is spoiled. What child needs this much stuff?!"

    But now, I will buy ANYTHING that keeps my baby quiet for 5 minutes. 

    Also, when a baby has boogies in their nose. I would be like "can't you clean your child?" But now I understand how difficult it can be to clean those boogies, especially when the baby is fighting you like their life depends on it. *rolls eyes*

    edit: I can't spell

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  • ...anyone would mention sleeping with their kids in the same bed. I was extremely anti-cosleeping until I would've done ANYTHING to get some sleep. Also, when anyone would "just give up" on breastfeeding too easily. Now I know its one of the hardest things to do AND to continue doing as a mom. (sorry to be lingering, the May 2016 forum is pretty much dead)
  • @jessib899 Stick around, the more the merrier
  • @redselig That photo blanket is amazing! 
  • @redselig That photo blanket is amazing! 
    Thanks! I bought it here - highly recommended by a mom I saw on YouTube :lol:
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