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Uneasy after ultrasound

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hi all- had my ultrasound today at 6w4d. Baby is for sure in my uterus- yay!! But measuring behind at 5w6d which makes me uneasy. I know it's only 5 days but makes me nervous since my progesterone was low.  And we saw the flickering little heartbeat- bevause measuring less than 6 weeks couldn't measure or hear the heartbeat but dr said it appeared to be beating at a normal speed for this point. Dr did advise me to start taking a baby aspirin daily since history of loss and I had high blood pressure when I was pregnant with DD.  I should be over the moon happy that baby was not ectopic this time and there was a heartbeat but I feel so hesitant because of the age being off. Dr didn't seem concerned just said I ovulated or implanted a little late.  But I for sure know my dates since I was temping and chatting. DH keeps saying be happy this is the best news we could have hoped for today - I don't know if it's just my PGAL brain or what.  I asked for repeat ultrasound so will go back in two weeks for that.   Guess for now we continue to stay positive and pray for this little nugget!!

anyone else have the gestational age off on the ultrasound?

Re: Uneasy after ultrasound

  • I measured 6w1d when by dates I was 7 weeks but I am not sure of my ovulation date. I am sorry you are feeling nervous after your ultrasound - feeling like you are in limbo is really tough. Please keep us updated, we're rooting for you!! 
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  • ((Hugs)) It's normal for ultrasounds to be off by a few days. Seeing a heartbeat is great though! Thinking positive thoughts for you and baby! 


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  • Thanks ladies, I appreciate the understanding and encouragement 
  • It's hard to measure the baby when it's so small  this early, I wouldn't stress too much! (Hard to do, easy to say.) Was this your first ultrasound? Will they do a follow up - that might help put your mind at ease when it grows well!


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    @amwangel it was my second- the first one was at 4.5 weeks by LMP and we were only able to see a fetal sac.  I will have a follow up in 2 weeks and hopefully all is well and that will put my mind at ease. I think if my progesterone hadn't been on the low side (13.1) I wouldn't be stressing so much about the dates being off. But the more I think about it seeing that heartbeat was a huge milestone so I'm going to concentrate on that!!
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    OMG @1inthehopper I'm going through the exact same thing.  I had a MC on 8/15.  Found out on 9/14 that we were surprisingly pregnant again.  My Beta on 9/13 was 105 and on 9/15 240.  Went on the 9/27 for an US and only saw Ges sac and yolk sac measuring 5 weeks.  DH and I only DTD on 8/28 and 9/1.  According to the dates that means I Oed 9/6 and was able to get a BFP at 9dpo.  Doc told me not to worry that it still added up but still convinced that I'm somehow a week behind,  We have a FU U/S tomorrow and I'm terrified!!! 10am can't come soon enough. To make matters worse today is Me and DH's 4th wedding anniversary and we're going out to dinner and all I want to do is be happy and not worry about tomorrow.
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  • @schnitz9 will be thinking about you!! It's so hard not having concrete answers! 
  • This happened toe with DD2- she is 3.5 yo now. I was confident when I ovulated and what day we conceived, however I measured 4 days behind. I was convinced I would have another loss and was so upset. She is healthy and spunky and three now! Don't lose hope. Within 7 days either way is considered normal.

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  • Thank you, @MWoodside! I'm feeling much better tonight after letting everything sink in. Today I am pregnant! It's not ectopic like last time and we saw a heartbeat. I'm focusing on those positives
  • You never know your dates for sure, unless you only had one single occasion of unprotected sex in the whole month.  and even so, the sparm can take 1 day or 5 days to fertilise the egg, so your window is always larger than you think - please dont worry.  Heartbeat is the most important thing and the biggest positive sign at this stage!!!  Congratulations and hang in there :smile:

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  • @1inthehopper How did follow up ultrasound go?

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