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NBR....Work Vent

Ugh, so much crap going on at my job and its so stressful. I just need an outlet to vent. In a nutshell, Im part of a union and this past week Ive had to get the union involved with issues with my boss. My boss has tried several times to force me to stay and work overtime with 5 min notice. I refused as its against our union contract and I have to get home to my LO.I have no other childcare options and if I stayed then my DH would have to call out. Anyway, my boss is trying to tell me childcare isnt a valid excuse and telling me that Im "going to be in big trouble." (What am I, 4 years old?). My union rep says childcare is a valid excuse and also they have to give 4 hours notice if they need ppl to stay over. Because of the way my boss has handled the situation so far (mishandled I should say) per the contract she cannot discipline me. I am prepared to fight her on this and take it as high up as necessary, as I am confident I will win. However, she us vindictive and will try to retaliate, probably moving me to a less desriable shift and/or changing my start time.  My union rep told me to let him know asap if she does this. But I dont think I can fight her on that. Im just super stressed and coming to work is uncomfortable now. Luckily I dont see my boss much, as I work midnights but the damage is done and I am on her shit list now. As far as jobs go, I like my job and it pays very well with awesome benefits.  But I struggled with coming back to work after my maternity leave and now its even worse. I have PPD and Im going to ask my Dr tobwrite a note restricting me from working more than 40 hours which should stop her from trying to force me to work overtime. She wont be here much longer but Idk when her official retirement date is. I just feel beaten down and hopeless. I hate the cycle of work/home repeat and always feeling like Im one step behind running trying to keep up. And now add in a a hostile and uncomfortable workplace environment.  At what point is working full time not worth the reduction in quality of life? I desperately want to stay home but we'd have to change our lifestyle and cut back. I just wish I could work part time so I would have a better work/life balance. And I hope my boss leaves soon and the new one is a better human being.

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  • I am so sorry you are going through this. I am going through something similar but I dont have a union to protect me. Write down everything she says to you and who witnessed it. 

    I just went back to work last week. When I returned my boss informed me that she has changed my job description. I am now doing compliance. I have no background or training in compliance. If I botch a project, she could say that i am not doing my job and try to fire me. She has also pointed out mistakes I made 6-7 months ago, before going on maternity leave, just to remind me that she thinks I'm stupid/ lazy. I can tell she is checking the boxes so she can go to HR. Our end of year reviews are coming up, and I know she is going to be brutal. I know she is hoping that I quit and I dont want to give her that satisfaction. But getting yelled at everyday is making me want to give in and stay home with my LOs. 

    My boss has a kid and 3 stepchildren but still told me my maternity leave was inconvenient. 

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  • I had huge stress at my job. I was being percecuted for my ethics (which the company had written everywhere). Emotional trauma from our customers that didn't even know what to do because everyone hadn't been doing things correctly... I did... but and constantly got yelled at. Physical trauma ( rotator cuff and other joint issues) because I followed the rules, so no one wanted to work with me (because they actually had to work...imagine!), so I didn't get help with heavy lifting even while pregnant. I believe the extreme stress all around caused my gestational diabetes. Ultimately even though management concluded I was the best at my job, I was not allowed to transfer because I was pregnant. (But I could reapply and be hired immediately after I had the baby and was ready to work again.) 
    Upside, now I get to raise my own child... the job wouldn't have been good enough to only get half the pay I was getting (child care costs where I live would have been half of what I made. Totally not worth it. Being a mom is soooo much less stressful th)
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  • The union is your friend. It may very well be that you're on her shitlist but everything she does with respect to you, will be under scrutiny. Get that doctor's note and document everything. 
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