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Pain/nausea during ovulation (long)

Hey guys!  Long time, no post.  Hope everyone is well and can't believe we are getting ready to start celebrating one year with our little pumpkins/turkeys!  
I'm wondering if anyone else is having a rough return to their cycles (and please link to previous posts, did a quick search but did not come up with much).  My daughter stopped BFing in June at 8 months, my period started a month later.  So far, menstruation has been easy and textbook.  But ovulation (not on BC, not pregnant) has been terrible.  For about a week every month I am sick, crampy, tired, dizzy and very anxious.  Everything I would associate with menstrual symptoms, except that it occurs the week I am ovulating.  I had a check up with GP, full blood work came back normal.  Put in a call to OB-GYN office and was told that is was normal while body readjusts after breastfeeding and to follow-up at yearly in January.  Being told that everything seems normal, while feeling so sh*tty is making me feel a little crazy.  So any relief tips, suggestions, or just commiserating would be appreciated! Thanks all!

Re: Pain/nausea during ovulation (long)

  • @Falchas
    Funny... I read your post last week thinking I cannot relate... until today. This morning I felt like I had mild pms cramps so I looked at my calendar thinking I should be starting my period soon. Nope. According to my period tracking I'm ovulating. Although I don't have any of the other symptoms you described, you are not alone. Are bodies can do some weird things. 
  • I just started going through this as well. I had such terrible pain one day I went to the hospital. They checked my blood & did an ultrasound & everything appeared good so not sure why it's happened when I've never felt this way before either. Update us if anything has changed for you. 
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