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Breastfeeding moms periods?

any other ebf moms still not had a period return ?? Baby girl is 8months today and still no period . Never thought I would actually miss having one. But it took us 7 years to convince babygirl so would like to have regular cycles to start ttc first of the year.

Re: Breastfeeding moms periods?

  • No period yet here either, and LO is 7 months. No desire to have it back yet. I'm loving not having it back yet, really!

    I guess it will sneak back once LO starts sleeping through the night. Mine is still nursing 1x or 2x in the night. I've heard that can help keep the periods at bay.

    Do you still do MOTN feedings?
  • Mine isn't back and lo slept through the night from 8 weeks to 6 months later! She isn't now :-( 
    A lot of my friends said it comes back when lo cuts down of stops 
  • Usually she sleeps through the night occasionally we will have one feed . Glad to know I'm not alone thanks ladies 
  • My LO is almost 8 months, No period return yet. I don't miss it at all. Hope to conceive early next year. Took a year to conceive with this one. He still nurses MOTN. I have a friend who is still nursing at 23 months with no period return. As long as I can conceive sooner this time I don't care when it returns. 
  • Funny this came up because I just started bleeding on cramps or anything which is unusual for me. As of this bleeding. I am assuming this was my first period  but the no cramping thing was weird. I EBF and she wakes up to eat alot at night. Guess my honeymoon is over!  :s
  • Mine came back the day after she turned 7 months. I enjoyed the menstruation vacation but I was also ready for my cycle to come back because I'm a paranoid weirdo and enjoy the security of knowing my body is regular again and also knowing whether or not I'm pregnant haha. My first period was exactly how it used to be pre-birth control so hoping I have super regular periods again for whenever we start TTC again (sometime after her first birthday). Crazy that time period is creeping up on us!
  • Owen is almost 8 months and no MOTN feedings, but breastfeeds 6 times a day, and no period here either! With my first son I think he was 10 months before I got my period, that was when he started to eat more solids and he cut down on nursing. 

    We aren't having anymore babies, so I am perfectly happy not having a period right now!

  • I have yet to get my period. Carmine will be 8 months on the 7th. But I'm enjoying it. But I did get my period after each of my 3 older children. I got my period a month after pp bleeding after all 3. 
  • Mine didn't come back with DD1 until her first birthday (she bed shared and nursed through the night). I wasn't in any birth control. I got a Mirena IUD at 6w this time, and nothing yet.



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  • Lo is just over 7months and still no period! !!loving it!!with my first 2 my period came back and 3-5months after having them!!!my lo cosleeps and still uses me as a human pacifier when sleepy.
  • Lucky! Mine came back 7 weeks PP and we ebf :( but I don't think I'm ovulating or we probably would've conceived baby #2 by now. 
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  • Mine hasn't come back, LO turned 8 months on 10/5. But he's EBF from day 1 and has been refusing to sleep at night unless bedsharing, so lots of MOTN feedings. Also on the depo shot.
  • Nooooooooooooooo my LO will be 9 months in 5 days and my period came back this morning!!! Ugh!!!! I did not miss it. He has slowed down on nursing because of solids. I hope I can keep breastfeeding him though and supply won't drop. I love our bonding and breastfeeding time. 
  • I just got my period, very light. I got it on my birthday and exactly when Carmine turned 9 months. I'm EBF but with my other 3 kids my period came back a month after pp bleeding. 
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    So I had a period last month and then this month there's nothing... So I take a pregnancy test hoping that it was positive and it was a big fat negative! Feeling confused
    ETA. Still EBF
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    Aw. Maybe it will take a while for your cycle to settle back into a regular rhythm, @jarob747 . Could it be possible that BFing hormones "confuse" your cycle and make it a bit irregular at first? It would make logical sense to me, but not sure that's a thing.

    Side note: I still have't had my period yet. LO just turned 9 months on the 1st. But I've felt a bit of cramping this past month, so I wouldn't be surprised if makes its debut again soon.
  • Mine returned after 17mo, 15mo, 15mo and #4 is 9.5mo still w/o a period.   I've had 5 periods in the past 8.5 yrs, I'm going to miss that since this was our last.  Lactational amenorrhea can be your friend or foe depending on your desires.
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  • It's baaaaccck. :(
  • Never mind I don't have my period back. Carmine is 11 months today. 
  • Mine came back yesterday :( right after we dropped to three nursings a day
  • I started spotting about a week or so ago but nothing serious yet. My LO just made 11 months on the 8th. 
  • Still no period here!!! But lo still nurses a lot including middle of night. I'm enjoying not having a period but were considering trying for another lo when he's about 15months or so 
  • I just started baby turns 1 on feb 5. Were only nursing maybe 3  times a day or so now .  But holy cramps it's been a hell of a day 
  • Still no period here and my DD is almost 23 months. It took me 9 months after going off birth control to have a period....I'm guessing my body doesn't regulate hormones well?? I'd really like to start TTC soon though!
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