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Unhealthy emissions from new mattresses?

So the issue is, my DH and I really need a new bed.  He is not a small guy, and his side of the bed is totally busted.  I'm worried that emissions/offgassing will be harmful to the pregnancy/baby  (I'm 5w+1).  But most of the natural options are well out of our price range, and really don't seem comfy (or conducive to my allergies... I have a skin reaction from wearing wool/mohair/pretty much any animal fibers).

Is it dangerous to get a new bed when pregnant?  Or is the lack of sleep from my DH tossing and turning on the uncomfy old one worse?  Is Saatva Mattress a good compromise, since it uses eco-friendly components?  It's the closest to an organic option that I've found while being easily attainable price-wise. 

Re: Unhealthy emissions from new mattresses?

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    I could be wrong, but I do not think that inhalation affects the baby. Check that out though. Your lungs filter the stuff. As long as you had a mattress cover, sheets, etc. I think you'd be fine. If you are a true purist, just go with the best option your purse can afford.
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    Thanks.  I think you're probably right, but being a paranoid ftm (as opposed to a purist who knows a lot about these things...) I read some blogs about offgassing and freaked out.
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    Wildflowers ... thankful to find someone on the site like me!  I could suggest Naturepedic but I just looked into their mattresses for adults myself and got a bit of sticker shock!  I came across a company called Zedbed recently.  Maybe check them out?  Hoping you can find what you are looking for!  :) 
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    stokesm21   Thanks!  It seems in the US they are only sold in Florida and Indiana... Hm, probably not going to work for me.  I'm still leaning towards Saatva, since Naturepedic is a little outside my price range... okay, a lot... we need a queen bed because my husband is a big and tall guy. 

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