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4 month old received flu shot....

So i am the type of parent that is pro vaccinations. And when my dr list off the round of shots, i hear him, but I'm more thinking about getting it done and over with. Today, he listed off a few vaccines, including the flu shot, for my 4 month old son. Now, i remember my daughter getting her flu shot when she was an infant, so i just nodded and held my baby boys hand. 
Hours later, i decided to look up flu shot side effects in infants and was shocked to see that it should not have been given to him before he turned 6months old. What the *[email protected]? Now I'm pissed and embarrassed and feeling guilty. I now remember that my daughter got it in dec (when she was 6m). It's late and the drs is long passed closed now. They'll be getting a call in the morning. But, anyone else have any experience with this? 

Re: 4 month old received flu shot....

  • Gosh! I'm so sorry! I have no experience with this, but definitely let us know what you find out. Could it have been that the doc was making sure you and your other family members were current on your flu shots because LO couldn't have one yet?
  • Uh oh...Are you sure he actually gave her the flu shot? Did he give you documentation or can you look at her record online? That's so odd. Keep us posted!
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  • How did your baby do? Any side effects? What did your doctor say? There is no reason for you to be embarrassed for entrusting your medical practitioner to do right by your child and family.
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