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Shot or Surgery for Ectopic

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I just found out today I have an ectopic pregnancy.  While I've been spotting for 2 weeks, mild cramping, and today actual pain started, I still wasn't prepared to hear the actual news, which we knew wouldn't be good.  I see my normal OB this afternoon, where we'll discuss if a shot will work with my new blood tests today or if we should proceed with surgery.  Any experiences one way vs the other?  The idea of surgery scares me, I've never been knocked out.  However dragging this out even longer sounds terrible too.  My levels last week over 2 days went from 630 to 963 on Friday. 

Re: Shot or Surgery for Ectopic

  • I'm sorry you're going through this. No option is a good one!

    I went with the shot. The main reason is the surgery can affect future fertility,  and I'm already dealing with infertility so I really don't need to make it any worse than it already is. The second reason is that my hcg was so low when it was discovered that they weren't sure exactly where it was, and uncertain location + surgery does not equal confidence, to me.

    I bled for a little over a month straight. If you have any specific questions about the shot, I can share my experiences. 
  • I decided on the shot also and am waiting for it now.  I just started experiencing real pain today, before it was mild cramps....that was my docs only concern.  Did you have worse pain after the shot?  They estimated 7 weeks, said it was about 2.4cm, and my levels were up to 1000 today from 963 on Friday...so I guess it's good it wasnt a large jump.  My only concern about getting the shot is knowing how bad the side effect of abdominal pain might be vs me knowing if it ruptures?  Would it be significantly painful?  How long did it take for your levels to go down.  Aside from the loss, the worrying about my health is excruciating!
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  • My worst cramps were right when the miscarriage started and that first week, but they were always similar to period cramps, nothing worse than my worst period cramps. I don't recall much pain after my shot. For me, things leveled off after the shot, I actually was worried it didn't work because the bleeding and cramps got better rather than worse. I thankfully didn't have a rupture, but I've heard it's extremely painful. And you'd have a lot of bleeding. If you ever fill more than 1 pad an hour, go to the emergency room and let them know about the ectopic. My doctor said I shouldn't experience ANY side effects from the MTX. When you Google it, you'll see a list of scary side effects, but that's for the note common uses of the meds. The amount you get for an ectopic is a small fraction of what's used for chemo or arthritis, so side effects are uncommon. They did make me sit in the office for 30 minutes after the shot to monitor for allergic reaction.

    The extra worry about your own health is one of the things about an ectopic that makes it worse than a regular miscarriage, in my opinion, so I get that it is scary. Definitely listen to your body, but as long as you're working with your doctor to monitor yourself you'll likely be fine.

    My levels took a few weeks to go down, but i asked lot of women and googled a lot other's experiences, and I honestly didn't find anyone whose went down as far as mine. The highest my HCG got was 200 so I didn't have far to go; most people I heard from took 1-3 months to go down. I got the shot July 5, my HCG was down to 3 by July 22. But you should expect yours to take longer than that (and you can be happily surprised if it goes faster)
  • I was the exception to ectopic rules...took forever for my levels to go under 5....I ended up getting 4 injections in total. Cramping was bad from time to time but Tylenol helped and as quickly as the pain would come it would go. I didn't start bleeding until after my first week of having injections and bled until the end (3 months and 1 day) no leafy greens and no gym for the entire time too 
  • Oh and only had side effects the very first week and that was flu like and only lasted a day....towards the end I wished I had surgery but in hindsight I'm glad I didn't and I still have both tubes. Wishing you the best and a speedy physical and mental recovery
  • Thanks ladies.  So very sorry for your losses also!
  • I am sorry. no advice. I would have just gone with the OB recommendation. 

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  • I had 6 shots of mxt because I was coming doubling instead of coming down and refused surgery.  I am finally coming down at a rate they like 3 weeks after the first shot.

    I responded horribly to the medicine.  I constantly felt hungover and seasick.  I am a teacher and I was miserable for 2 weeks straight.  My last shot was 5 days ago and I finally feel better but nowhere near normal.  

    Good luck and I hope the process is short!
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