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Best overnight diapers?

I need help finding an overnight diaper for my 8 month old that will actually work. He sleeps 10-11 hours at night (usually short naps during the day) so you can imagine how full his diaper is when I get him up. Most of the time, the urine seeps out onto him, his clothes, and bedding. I'm a clean freak, so it irritates me! Any feedback on brands I should try? Right now, we are using Up&Up 12 hour. 

Re: Best overnight diapers?

  • I use honest during the day and I use the Huggies overnights at night . I've been pleased with them . 
  • Not sure if it's the same issue, but DD
    was having massive blow outs and leaks in all the overnight diapers I tried. I looked on forums and some people swore by the ones made for walkers/crawlers and those have been a life saver. She's still not really crawling forward yet but she's so wiggly and rolls and moves so much in her sleep that the extra Velcro and elastic seems to help. The brand doesn't seem to matter either. 
  • We've had a lot of trouble finding the right night time diaper for DS. Target, Huggies, Wegmans all have had huge leaks. We settled on Pampers Baby Dry a size up. I remember with DD we did the same thing (sizing up at night) not sure why it works but it does! Its the worst when they wake up soaked! 

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    I have always used parents choice but I also love pampers. I personally noticed my son leaks through when he's too cold. So at night I just make sure he has pants/socks etc. Its still really hot here and my husbands likes to blast the AC at night. But sizing up at night is an awesome idea. 
  • My DD nurses all night long and never leaks through her Honest Co diapers. DD1 didn't start leaking through the Honest Co ones at night until she was closer to 2.5 yrs old, at which point we went to the Honest Overnights. 



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  • I use family dollars diapers called lo is 7 months I've been usingthese since 2months when my mom brought us some and we have never had a rash or blowout AT ALL.they make overnight but I've just used day time w no issues.
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    We have been having the same problem. Caleb has been soaking through most nights for the past couple weeks. Him being a belly sleeper does not help the problem, along with the fact that he has recently started drinking 8-9 oz before bed. We have been using size 4 Pampers Cruisers which have always worked great for us (with all 4 of our boys) until now. 

     In the past week tried Pampers Swaddlers overnights. We only used them two nights before having him wake up with open, bleeding sores all over his diaper area. So we went back to the Cruisers and will probably just try a bigger size.

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  • We use pampers baby dry at night and never leak 9-12 hours
  • I also use Pampers baby dry and love them. 
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  • We sometimes leak out of Pampers baby dry and sometimes don't. I think I am going to try the next size up. But I was going to add that I put down a sheet saver on top of her sheets to keep them from getting wet. Don't have time for all that laundry lol
  • So far, we have had luck with Pampers cruisers size up. Fingers crossed it continues! 
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