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Shakeology during pregnancy?

Before finding out I was pregnant I had been following the 21 day fix program for several months, including shakeology. Since find out I was pregnant I've modified the exercises and not doing as much but want to know if shakeology is safe to use during pregnancy? I'm 13 weeks. I meant to ask the dr but forgot 

Re: Shakeology during pregnancy?

  • I would check with your dr. I am a BB coach and a lot of ladies on the team I am under kept drinking it throughout their pregnancies, the head of the team was even led to Shakeology by her OB. I brought my chocolate vegan bag to my OB and she said it looked like great stuff and was fine, but I know there is conflicting info on the internet so that is why I suggest asking your own OB. It has helped me a lot with nausea and cravings (and energy since I cut my 2nd cup of coffee)! :-) 
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  • Definitely check with your Doctor, but you should be fine! I kept up with it during my last pregnancy.

    Also, it doesn't sound like you're having any issues, but if you get further along and find your current workout to be too much for you Beachbody's pregnancy-specific workout is a fantastic substitute: 
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  • I agree with the other ladies--check with your doctor.  I switched to Vega One several months ago (I prefer Shakeology, but it is SOOO expensive.  This is $60/month).  My OB said the Vega One was okay after checking out the ingredients.

    I did 21 Day Fix too and loved it!  I got great results and will do it again after baby is here.
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  • I've heard mixed responses on this. Some say it's fine, others say no. My doctor vetoed it because it has too much vitamin A. But for a while, it was all could have that didn't make me sick. I started using Carnation Instant Breakfast instead and still mixing it with my usual pb and banana to still get the nutrients, without going on overload.
  • it is not FDA approved, so I did not use it just to be safe. now that i am weaning i am about to order it again.
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