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Finally got my BFP! Also some bleeding questions.

I got three BFPs, to be exact. I wanted to make it so the chances of getting a false positive were at 0, and I don't think 3 false positives is possible. I went to the doctor and their test was negative, but I'm actually still a couple days away from an expected period so maybe that's why theirs isn't getting a read yet.

Anyway, I have been having some weird spotting and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this. There's very little blood on my underwear, but when I pee it looks like a lot comes out! When I wipe more blood than what I'm comfortable with comes off on the paper. But it isn't enough to make a big spot on my underwear at all. 

I'm nervous because years ago I carried a pregnancy to about 8 weeks and miscarried. I bled the whole way through that one too. Has anyone had bleeding like I described and had a successful pregnancy?

Re: Finally got my BFP! Also some bleeding questions.

  • i hate to say it but that sounds like what happened with all of my chemical pregnancies. I would test before my period was due and get positives (even on the digital tests) and a day or two later would start my period.   It's pretty common, unfortunately.    
    If you had positive HPTs, then it should absolutely be showing up on the Doctor's test.  Since it didn't, and you are bleeding then it sounds like you experienced a chemical pregnancy.   What did your doctor say?

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    Well, I got my 3rd positive after coming home from the doctor's. I thought there was no way I misread both pregnancy tests. And yep, that third one was positive too. It's just as dark as the lines yesterday.

    The doctor said perhaps their test was just neg. because it wasn't early morning urine. She also suggested I might have left the tests sit too long, although I looked at them all 5-7 minutes after taking them. Since if I am pregnant it is only 3 weeks and 6 days, she said wait another week and take another test. I plan to do that as well.

    Chemical pregnancy did enter my mind, as did pretty much every other early pregnancy complication you can think of. But doesn't that come with bad cramps? I've had some cramps, but nothing too bad.

    Thought I'd actually post the tests, just to make sure I'm not having a really bad brain fart and read them all wrong or something. The photos were taken when I read the tests, so no more than 7 minutes after. I didn't get a photo of the 2nd test before I trashed it.
    Taken yesterday
    Taken today
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  • I've had implantation spotting with all of my pregnancies.  Hoping the best for you! Just take it one day at a time.  Did you ask your doctor for a beta test? They could see if it is doubling to make sure all is well.  I also love the clear blue digital with weeks estimator to see if my hcg is rising correctly although those are definitely not as accurate.  
  • Thanks, but it's lasted a tad too long to be implantation bleeding. I think it was also too heavy when the bleeding first started around the 27th.

  • Chemical pregnancy does not have to be accompanied by cramping. Unfortunately I agree with tripledagger. Probably a CP. 
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  • If it is indeed chemical when will it stop giving me a positive result?

    Today would be my expected period and I took a 4th test (thank goodness you can buy them online in bulk!). It was positive also.
  • I believe it depends on how high your hcg level would be......from what ive read/heard, low level prob about a week or so. The colour of the bleeding you experienced also tells quite a bit. Bright red blood usually indicates either menstrual cycle, chemical pregnancy, or early miscarriage whereas pink or dark brown usually most common for implantation bleeding. How regular are you? Chemical pregnancies tend to have bleeding around the 5th week (after a missed period). Here's a link about chemical pregnancy

    I do know although not as common, there are woman who experience heavier bleeding with implantation. Cramping can also be experienced during implantation (mine felt like a weird, uncomfortable pinching feeling). Here's a link that touches on heavier implantation bleeding.

    Have you tried comparing the pictures you took of the positive tests to see if there's a change in the darkness of the line? If your hcg level is increasing or decreasing, you should notice either the line getting darker or lighter (rise or fall every 2-3 days). 

    Also might not hurt to follow up with your doctor too.......either to try another urine test and/or get a beta test done to see what your hcg levels are. 

    Hope this helps a bit.......good luck and try to hang in there!! 
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    Thanks for the info. I am 4 weeks in today and officially late for my period today. My periods are pretty regular. If they are ever off it's never more than a day.

    The bleeding has actually slowed down a lot since yesterday. It's really only there when I wipe. I haven't seen much in my urine and all along it was a brownish color. It hasn't been red at all. I'm anxious to see whether it starts back up or not. By the way, can anyone tell me why it would only come out when I was peeing? I can't find any links or anything explaining that weirdness.

    Oh, I should also that blood has been...grainy. That's the only way I can think to put it. Like little bits of grit in it.

    As for the color of the lines, they've been pretty consistent. Any changes are so slight it's probably just my eyes. 

    Sadly the doctor can't get me in until the 19th. 
  • Sorry....aside from a urinary tract infection, Im not sure why it would come out in your urine and can't find much online about it either :s I'd say to keep an eye on the bleeding and if you feel uncomfortable waiting until the 18th to see your doctor........might not hurt to go into hospital. They'd be able to test your levels, as well as be able to help in determining what you are going through and if there's any cause for concern.

    I know how hard and stressful this must be on you and I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress out too much. Unfortunately we don't have any control over what will happen in these types of situations and it's hard for us to know 1 way or another without proper testing (and remember stress can do more harm than good to your body!). I know i was completely devastated when I started bleeding beginning of august (mine started with spotting in evening then progressively got much much worse and bright red in colour with the worst pains I have ever experienced.....this happened over a 24 hour period). By the morning, I could just sense something was wrong before it had gotten worse, but also knew there was nothing I could do and tried to make myself not stress out or be anxious about what could be happening. I knew it wouldn't help the situation despite how I was feeling and what I wanted the outcome to be. I went on to miscarry, however I did find comfort in knowing our bodies will not continue development if there is something wrong with the pregnancy and there is no one to blame. 

    Please dont think im trying to compare situations or anything like that..........just want you to know you're not alone in having these kinds of feelings! Mother nature can be cruel in making everything for us ladies so similar.....whether good or bad, however optimism is key in dealing with stressful situations!

    I hope in your case it is heavier implantation bleeding and that your bean sticks!! Know my drs office barely had a positive when i went in although i got 4 different brands give strong positive at home. First morning urine is always best......but drs never seem to book in early appointments for some odd reason. If you wait till your appointment at doctors on the 18th, try holding your pee in for a long time (least 5 hours) and try to limit fluids so pee is more concentrated. 

    Fingers crossed for you. I'm sending some baby dust your way :)
  • While there's a good chance that this could turn into a cp in the next few days, even if AF is now officially late, some bleeding early in pregnancy can also be normal. If you hadn't even missed your period when you went into the doctor's then it's very likely that the negative came from diluted pee. It's too early for anyone to know if the pregnancy will work out or if the bleeding will have an effect, unless it is in fact a cp.
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  • I am thinking it's most likely that the doc's office was just a false negative. That's not to say a miscarriage isn't incoming, but the doc's office test probably has nothing to do with it if so.

    Well, second day of very little bleeding. Some cramping but nothing severe. I have been having a lot of discharge though. A couple times it scared me because I was sure there there would be a gush of blood but it was mostly clear with a little brown tinge. I'm going to take another test tomorrow to see if the line is still dark or getting darker.

    Honestly, I swear sometimes not knowing feels worse than knowing for sure it's a miscarriage.
  • The not knowing can be the hardest part. What's your next step? Do you have an apt coming up? I hope you get some answers soon, and good news!!
  • My doctor can't see me until the 19th. I take it as a good sign the bleeding has more or less stopped. My discharge has a little brown tinge and that's the only sign of it. I've been having some moderate cramping but nothing awful.

    I took another test today to see what the line is doing, and was happy to see it's the darkest yet. I'm keeping a photo of all of them on my phone to compare one to the next.
  • @olishkatannushka wonderful news! Fingers crossed for u

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