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Should I move up my shower date?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have a few things stacked against me, possibly causing me to deliver earlier than expected. My shower is in 5 weeks, and I'm hoping to hold out for as long as I can, but I may not make it. Should I make it sooner, or keep the date?

Re: Should I move up my shower date?

  • My mother is hosting it at her house and it's mostly family and close friends. I spoke with her earlier and we could move it up a week or two, but I'm thinking of keeping it for now. I have a uterine malformation that lends to early delivery and a shortening cervix. Also my FFN came back positive; 30% of delivering in the next two weeks.
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  • I personally would NOT move it at this point. If you deliver early that's fine. Showers don't have to be before the baby is born
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  • I would not move it, and I would not worry about what happens to the shower.  Let your mom handle that. If you make it to your shower, great.  If you don't, people will find an appropriate way to welcome you to motherhood in a different way.

    Let your mom handle all the details if you deliver early.  You'll have your hands full!

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