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Guessing What Your Baby's Movement Means


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  • From what I can tell, this little baby has either discovered cycling or she is using her umbilical cord as a speed bag. I can't tell which one. :smiley:


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  • Baby B has her head directly on my cervix (she moves like a maniac and pushed herself below her sister so their labels are incorrect now) and I think that A is straight kicking her in the head over and over because I know it's a head way way down there but I get those weird little movements that only extremities can make.... weirdest feeling ever!!
  • Baby boy hates it if i wear tight pants around my waste (Im not a fan either). But if i have something like yoga pants on that squeeze my belly a little he is always kicking at my pants line. I also have this sensation like im being tickled from the clue what that's about. 
    He also is very active when i sleep on my right. 
  • I think he's saying you're smashing me pee or move or something. I need room in here lady!
  • I thought that Baby was laying straight across my hip bone cos that's the only area I feel any movement, but last night I had the weirdest sensation of something just poking me up my rib cage. Not a jab, just a pressure. While still feeling jabs by my panty line. I didn't think the kid could be that long yet! So freaky. I really have no idea how this child is inside me, only know they enjoy it when I eat. And ditto to the pants thing. I get no peace if I wear jeans.

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  • This is the best thread. We definitely have some Riverdance happening right now. (Although, it's on the right side, in line with my belly button, rather than the cervix.) He's also a frequent, dare I say it, tweaker. ... That is often replaced by kickboxing and the butterfly stroke. And sometimes just straight up freak out dance moves. 

    My husband dreamt last night that, not only could he see hand/arm definition, the arm extended out of my belly by a good 10" and then then crept up into my chest. Scary! Glad the uterus is there to keep him somewhat contained. 
  • Haha this thread is hilarious! this baby isn't incredibly active (especially compared to some of the descriptions I read on the board), but every night when I lie down she spends about 5 minutes rolling around.  It literally feels like she's doing little cartwheels in there, over and over again.
  • Baby's favorite position is feet bicycling by my left hip, some large mass by my right hip which pokes waaaay out from time to time, and either a fist or elbowed something that moves more slowly than feet right under my belly button.
  • My little guy likes to lay low most of the day, he hates my waistband as well! it's just like poke...poke...POKE! POKE!

    n the evening he'll move up a little bit and just bump around. 
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  • This morning at my ultrasound we got to watch his morning yoga routine (plow pose, feet on forehead), and it was the coolest thing feeling him push me and seeing his boxing moves on the screen. 
  • I'm fairly certain this little man is a boxer or something. His movements are quick and sharp every time. Which is cute normally, but quite annoying when I'm trying to sleep.
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  • I can feel baby's head protruding out and he is crushing my lungs as I type this. Baby is saying he gives zero effs how I feel, he just wants to be cozy. I get it; I do the same thing when I hog the entire couch from H when we're watching a movie. 
  • I feel this little girl doing flips or turns I swear a few times a day. Every time it happens I feel like I'm going down on a roller coaster and my stomach does flips.
  • Ollie appears to be shivering? Anyone else feel this? Very subtle shaking. Then I feel lots of limbs poking me. Grosses me out tbh. 
  • Chica does not like cellphones or TV remotes rested on my, I mean her, belly. If I put anything on top of my belly while sitting or laying down she will start to poke that area until it wobbles & falls off! Also, at every ultrasound (including today), she always has her hands in her face. She's either feeling crowded or saying "no pictures please people!!!"
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  • My baby goes cray-cray during physical therapy massages.  I've had some severe hip problems and when my PT dude rubs those painful lumps out, the baby is like, "why is there an earthquake? And why are you breathing funny?"  Ah, the joys of pregnancy.  I have to go in weekly now instead of biweekly.  More puking means more dehydration which means more muscle issues plus I'm getting sick so those muscle issues suck too.
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  • I've been getting a head in the cervix, super fun. Also started feeling feet in my ribs. I really wanted to Google can your baby get his feet stuck in your ribs. I was told I wouldn't be able to feel this baby as much because of the anterior placenta, but even my husband mentioned he doesn't remember feeling our first one this early or as often, I'm almost 24 weeks. I'm a little afraid of what the next 16 weeks will bring! 

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  • My last ultrasound my doctor said my sons feet was right on top of my cervix, since then I have been getting kicked like crazy down there, it was so bad last week that I felt like he was going to kick his way out!
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  • I have a baby that one day will visibly kick the top of my uterus, then the next all I feel are subtle pokes and movement. But one think never fails day to day: if my bladder is more than half full, she will press and kick on it mercilessly. 

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  • I still can't tell which body parts are poking me. Sometimes it's quick little jabs, sometimes rolling sensation, sometimes high, sometimes low & sometimes in the middle. I can't figure out at all what position baby is in let alone what's a foot kick vs elbow jab.
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  • ThePax89 said:
    Ollie appears to be shivering? Anyone else feel this? Very subtle shaking. Then I feel lots of limbs poking me. Grosses me out tbh. 
    I get that at night sometimes. I thought for a bit that he was having a seizure or something so I mentioned it to the OB and she said they're most likely the baby having myoclonic jerks while sleeping and that they might continue once the baby is born. Kind of freaky.
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  • I love this thread  :D I've described it as using my ceevix and bladder as a trampoline I am pretty sure she is practicing for the olympics. I would really appreciate it if she would kick my ribs though the constant banging on the cerclage and catheter is not pleasant  :s 
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  • This child loves practicing his Jiu Jitsu once I lay down to sleep.... it'll start out as some pokes here and there. Then suddenly my belly looks like a popcorn balloon with kicks all over the place. I usually talk and rub my belly at night to get him to calm down! Lol. Same thing in the morning, if my alarm goes off, or I roll over, he wakes up and is  "Mommy it's to get moving!" 

    I have been laying awake in bed the last hour because an amber alert went off on my husband phone, must have woke the little guy up because he started KICKBOXING so I couldnt go back to sleep...... in the mean time my husband is sleeping like a rock... 
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  • Wow all of these descriptions sound so cool!!

    I feel consistent jabs/punches. There will be 5-7 in a row and usually rhythmic. Could they be hiccups?

    They feel super strong. And they are in two places one in the middle below my belly button and one off to the right side.

    It feels cool but very strange and strong
  • At first this baby was a day time kicker only and wouldn't kick too much after work.  She was head down in both my ultrasounds recently so she seems to be punching me right below my belly button.  She gets excited and wiggles around when I eat things like grapes.  Recently she has been sleeping in until ~11am and is awake intermitently until around 8pm.  I don't wake up much to her movements but if I get up to go to the bathroom she will sometimes wiggle around when I'm trying to fall back to sleep.   Last night she was fighting her Daddy when he was trying to get frisky.  She was going crazy! Strong kicks to get him away haha it was very distracting.  

    The other day I didn't feel her kick much at all, all day long.  So at 2:30pm I gave her 1/2 hour to kick around before I was about to really freak out and call the dr.  I ate chocolate. nothing. I went to the fool proof grapes and within a few minutes bam bam bam.. PHEW! false alarm.  

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  • @christac1010 Sex is actually the only time my baby doesn't kick me, which is strange. Otherwise, morning, afternoon and night the baby is active. Yesterday it was so active that it was actually causing me to feel a bit nauseous. 

    I loved the stage when I could first feel movements, but now the movements are tiring me out!

  • @christac1010 and @cabu14 YES! It's so weird. Also, the leaky boob thing has really thrown off my sexual game, too. Though that's something I suppose I will have to get used to. 

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  • Anyone else consistently get a kick in the bladder when you just start going pee?  It's such a weird feeling, following by a short burst of power urine.  TMI?   :D
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  • Oddly enough, this little guys tends to go silent during frisky times. Lol. He's like "yeh Dad, you do your thing. I'll just chill out "

    My theory is the movement puts him to sleep. He's usually pretty quiet when I'm up and moving.  
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  • @Wholesome Yes! I figure he's feeling squished as I sit on the toilet so he starts smacking me? 
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  • Am I the only one who feels like I have a writhing ball of snakes in the pit of my torso? I know my anterior placenta is blocking some of his smaller movements and I'm pretty sure he's actually kicking and punching the crap out of me in there. I just can't feel it yet. 
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  • Baby girl is breech and has firmly lodged her head under my right ribs. It's like a needle cramp that won't quit. Then she headbutts me! I also get the kicks to the cervix, which are not too painful, but uncomfortable. Like some PPs, this baby likes to fight her dad when he gets close. One time she started kicking my cervix during sex and it was too much for my poor cervix. We were laughing and saying she's probably that cranky lady knocking on the wall because the neighbor on the other side is bothering her.
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  • Has anyone else felt like they get punched in the butthole? I'm guessing he's just hitting my colon? 
  • @ceclarlinetlo yes! The weirdest feeling getting jabbed in the cervix or the butt. 
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