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I don't know what to do...

So my husband and I are trying for baby number two. We said we were a month ago, but we just put it off. I thought I was pregnant and took a test and needed up just being super late so I haven't really been thinking about it. 
   I am now in my ovulation fase again, and we decided we would give it a go for real this time. However whenever I want to try he always says he's tired and goes to bed before me. I keep telling him if we are really going to try we have to stay on a schedule. I just feel like I'm in this alone and I don't know what to do. I just want to be pregnant again so bad,but maybe this is a sign that it's not the right time.

Re: I don't know what to do...

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    Maybe you DH isn't truly ready to have another baby yet if he keeps avoiding it. I think you may need to sit down and have a serious talk about whether he is actually ready and the reasons why he may not be. You may need to put it on the back burner for a little while and revisit in a few months. Sorry mama, good luck!
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    I agree with what everyone else said. Having a schedule to be intimate may not be a turn on for him. When my husband and I were first trying to conceive, I was just like that. I would take ovulation tests and if I was ovulating it had to be go time. But I found that it being natural and not having it planned was less stressful. It'll happen! Good luck! 
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    Thank you everyone! When we got pregnant with our first, it was planned but we never planed it out day by day when we needed to do things. It happened on its own time. This time around I don't know why I have been more intact in having to get things done in order to get pregnant. I will defiantly sit down and talk to him and figure out what his thoughts are. 
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