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Baby Fever

So my husband and I decided that we would be done at two. And all through my LOS first year I was so certain that two was it for us. But now that she's a year, and looking less and less like a baby, I am struggling with baby fever, like crazy. I miss the newborn snuggles and just having a baby. I see pregnant women and feel jealous. Having a third is not an option for us for so many reasons, but I can't shake this feeling. Does anyone else feel the same way? Does it go away? 

Re: Baby Fever

  • I do right around the time my period is due; I'm chalking it up to hormones. I start thinking about how much I loved cuddling her when she was a newborn and I could lay on the couch and watch a movie with her. 

    Then we have a rough day or DH does something stupid like trying to get out of helping with motn wakings and I'm over it. 

    But I've never thought of myself as being very maternal or ever wanting more than one. Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces, but I've never craved babies like some women do. 
  • Yes, I feel the same way.

    No, it doesn't ever go away for some people (see sig).  :)  Sorry for the bad news.
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  • Yes, i have it like real bad. Kind of thinking we might try again in October. Scares the hell out of me since DD was a colicky baby and i swear i still have ptsd from that lol. I shutter when i think about it. But damn if they're not worth it. 
  • The struggle is real. I think especially now that we are reflecting on how the last year has provided so many amazing things and produced these precious and remarkable human beings. The thought of him growing up makes me so sad, despite the great things to come. We want to hold on to that, to have more of it. To imagine what another baby would feel like in our arms, what they would look like when they giggle for the first time. I don't think we will be able to have another unless life goes very well for us in the next few years. What an ache that I hope will lessen with time. 
  • Thank you all ladies, I am happy to hear I am not alone! I am hoping this will pass soon!
  • I am very much wanting to be pregnant again but it's not a good time for us financially. We'd have to wait at least another year. I'm the same as the other poster though because my baby was also colicky and still doesn't sleep through the night. The idea of a baby sounds wonderful, like I just want to pee on a million sticks and see little plus signs! But then I think about how hard it was and what if this next baby is even more colicky and also a terrible sleeper and I have a toddler! Not to mention the average price for daycare in this city is 1200$ a month! So many reasons to be one and done. But dang I want to be pregnant again someday anyways!
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