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WTF Wednesday 9/29

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What is grinding your gears today?

Re: WTF Wednesday 9/29

  • ***Possible TW: Abuse***

    A local high school had its entire football season cancelled due to some horrible hazing incidents that were a form of sexual abuse. I'll just say, um, broom sticks without elaborating.

    At lunch today, a coworker was talking about how ridiculous it was that parents were complaining about the school's board'a decision and protesting for a reversal.

    Another rather Cromagnon Man employee chimed in saying that he didn't see what the big deal was because even though the crimes were sexual in nature, there wasn't sexual intent. I almost killed him

    what. the. fuck.
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    Wtf to my crazy hormones! In my own defense- if I wasn't pregnant and hormonal I probably would have cried anyway. I have my daughter (11 months) in a program that helps babies/toddlers socialize and learn how to play nicely with each other - She was so shy when we went this morning, and it took almost an hour for her to open up and try to play with the other kids.. she got so excited to see this little boy she played with last week, so she crawled up to him with a big smile on her face and put her hand on his shoulder to say hi, and he turned around and pushed her to the ground and yelled at her to go away! Her eyes filled with tears and she started sobbing it was SO sad.. his dad made him apologize and she just sat on my lap sobbing and wouldn't play with anyone else after, and every time the boy came close to her to play with toys she just watched him with tears in her eyes and had a pouty lip! We ended up having to leave early because she was so sad, and she was still upset over it when we got home. I know it's all a process of babies/toddlers learning how to socialize with others, but with pregnancy hormones and watching that happen had me crying like a baby on our way home. It's so sad to see your baby feel rejection!
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  • @swanbrooner I hope so much that horrible human doesn't have a wife, daughters, or granddaughters. Disgusting. 

  • @Mother0fDragons He definitely has a wife and three sons. The worst part is he is an educator and is always spouting off this most asinine, antiquated bull shit. It is hard for me to remain professional around him. 

    He he is also one of those people who gets wayyyy too close when talking to you. I backed away from him one day, and now every time he speaks to me he prefaces it with, "Am I too close? Is this okay?" like I'm the one at fault. He is the worst.
  • We had my grandmothers funeral today. I got dd dressed in her brand new baby blue dress. Not even two hot seconds later she ran to the laundry room, busted off the lid to the oxyclean and proceeded to bump the entire container onto herself. Thankfully it brushed right off. 
  • Wait, isn't it Thursday or have I completely lost all my marbles?
  • @itsfine yep, totally Thursday. I'm the one with the lost marbles apparently! 
  • @itsfine so sorry for your loss.  I totally didn't realize or think to question that it wasn't Wednesday until you said that lol.  

    Wtf rude nurse! I already complained in the PGAL check in but I just can't get over it today.  

  • @itsfine I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

    @JessyKv I just can't even with that nurse. I mean honestly you just had a recent loss can't she at least try to have a little compassion and be a little less judgemental? Sheesh. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

    @swanbrooner WTF is wrong with people? It's disturbing that is happened in the first place. It's possibly more disturbing that the parents and other adults think it's OK. But then if the parents all think it's totes fine then of course their children also have warped views on what is acceptable behavior. 
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  • @momma2char Poor thing!! I get all weepy when DD gets hurt feelings like that, too. 

    @swanbrooner I was just fine and dandy to go along with Wednesday although the I'm REALLY glad it's Friday tomorrow...

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