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I was diagnosed with Cholestasis last week. I am 35 weeks pregnant. I went to see my doctor because I got this weird rash and wasn't sleepin due to the itching. I m going to be induced at 37 weeks and I'm starting to worry. This is my first pregnancy.  Has anyone been diagnosed? If so how are you dealing with it?

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  • This hasn't happened to me but my SIL was diagnosed with cholestasis and induced early with no complications.  She now has a healthy, happy 4 year old.  Unfortunately I can't remember how early she was induced.
  • I had this with my first and was induced right at 37 weeks. While the itching is seriously annoying, all the research shows that induction at 37 weeks is the best way to keep baby protected, and the real risk to baby is after 37 weeks.

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  • I was just diagnosed with ICPat 34wks, 3days. I complained of intense itching 2 weeks ago and the OB I seen at that time shrugged off bloodwork. After doing my own research, I decided to raise a stink about getting labs to r/o ICP. Low and behold, I have a mild case. The most important thing you can do is to make sure you are prescribed ursodiol, as its the single best treatment to ensure both you and baby are healthy. This medication not only brings down the levels of your bile acids, but also protects against placental aging, protects baby's heart by the increase of bile acids, and the list of benefits goes on. is an excellent website to prepare and be well informed on ICP. I am getting a growth US and biweekly NST scans and likely being induced at 37 weeks as literature suggests. You are welcome to message me if you need any support as it seems awareness for this is slim and it can turn a happy pregnancy into a scary pregnancy. Best of Luck!

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    I had cholestasis with baby #4 and again with baby #5.  With #4 I was induced at 37 weeks, and he was fine.  With #5, I was induced at 35 weeks, and besides a week in the NICU, he was also fine.

    It's scary (and itchy and exhausting) but hang in there; take your medication if & when the doctor prescribes it for you, and don't stress too much if at all possible.
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