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bedroom sharing repost

I posted this in ask a stm but it got no  so....For those of you that are third time moms and #1 and 2 are going to be sharing rooms when #3 comes, when are you moving them in together.  I have a 2 yr old ds and a 3.5 year old ds.  I've been saying October and I just realized that's this week.  So maybe November???? lol  Thoughts?
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Re: bedroom sharing repost

  • We are going to room DS 1 and the new baby together .... eventually. I just started telling the oldest about room sharing. Our daughter will be the middle child and only girl so she is staying in her own room. 

    Have you started talking to your boys about sharing a room? I would try to prep them and get them excited before making moves. I also read that distinguishing different corners for each of the toys and that you should stagger their bedtimes so the elder one doesn't feel like he is being treated differently. 

    Sorry I'm not much help. Buy I hope it is a smooth transition for you and the boys!
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  • I'm not much help, either, but I'm planning on two of my three girls sharing, I just haven't decided which ones.  I think the older two, and I need to transition the younger to a toddler bed, also.  They will be 19 months and 2.5 when this one arrives.  Yikes.  My husband wants to start the process in December, but I'd rather wait until the beginning of Jan as I'm not due until the 24th.  Basically, I'm just putting it off!  Haha.
  • @KMck27 They know about it.  They are just both such good sleepers that I'm so worried about messing it up.  I feel like the minute I do this I'm going to loose naps too :(  @lindsladle15
    YOU'RE BRAVE!!!!!!  I'm scared to wait too long and have the older one with messed up sleep schedules when the new baby comes.  My youngest is going to be 2 years 4 months when DD is born (I'm due Jan 26 but they will take her somewhere between Dec 29-Jan 12) I'm leaving him in the crib.  My 3.5 year old transitioned to toddler bed right before he turned 3.  I'm petrified of them being together and both able to move out of their beds!!!!

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  • Add me to the too terrified to move anyone club.  Mine are just turning 4 and 2 now.  I have talked to my 4 year old about sharing a room with his brother, and he is excited but I don't except bedtime to go smoothly.  My almost 2 year old is in a crib and goes to sleep almost immediately when I put him down, the 4 year old STALLS bedtime so much and messes around in his bed.  I feel like they will keep each other up.  4 year old also wakes up earlier and plays in his room for an hour before the rest of us get up.   Plan for now is to keep the 2 year old in a crib and have the baby in a pack n play for as long as I need.  Sleeping in our room the first few months and then the guestroom if I have to.  I like my sleep and right now everything goes fairly smoothly so I don't want to mess with it.
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