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  • I hate when someone texts me "hey". For some reason it makes me feel like they accidentally texted the wrong person and I feel awkward responding. 
  • @MamaD233 I'm so glad to hear, you don't want to pop the bubbles of the Santa doers. My son came home one day a few years ago and said some kid told him that something (can't remember which character) wasn't real. I told my son, well maybe he was bad and didn't get anything. I felt kind of bad but I was like NOOOOO don't ruin it yet!! 

    @TeacherMom2517 my son just got moved up to a different school age level with 4th and 5th graders so I'm afraid that this is "the year". Once my son knows the truth about 1 he will surely know it's true for all the others too :( but I'm excited to get to be starting over with this baby. I'm totally for pretending until I'm in the grave as well. It's more fun, and I do it partially for me. I just like it. :)
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  • Guys, Santa is AWESOME! I fully intend to be the dorky mom that insists Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. are real until I reach the grave, even if it's with a little wink! DH's mom is like that and though her kids are all 21-39, she still insists that Santa stopped by with a present for each of us and makes us Easter Baskets and such. Of course she knows that we all know the truth, but its SO sweet and adorable how she likes to keep that 'magic' and 'innocence' in life and it comes from such a deep love. I don't think children will have lifelong trust issues over it... that's rather extreme! 

    When my cousin was 12, though, he was starting to get made fun of at school for still believing in Santa Clause, so my Aunt sat down and told him the truth. She explained it to him by saying "...you know, Daniel, it's kind of like the Easter Bunny." and he replied, "NOT THE EASTER BUNNY TOO!!!!" The poor kid :-( lol That was a rough day for him... but he is a fully functioning 27 year old now! Haha

    This was pretty much my nephew!! When my sister told him Santa wasn't real he responded with, "Well at least I still have the Easter Bunny".  Poor kid :)

    Just let kids enjoy being kids and do the whole Santa thing. Plus, you don't want your kid ruining it for everyone else!!

  • My sister gave DD the Elf on the Shelf movie at Christmas time. 
    Im hoping that DD doesn't realize this is an actual thing. 
  • On another note, elf  on a shelf creep the hell out of me, but I know I'll probably cave and get one once they kids are old enough to find it fun. 

    I think I could could probably scare my hub with the elf. Growing up his mother made porcelain dolls and had an entire room of them. He was terrified to go past it at night to use the bathroom and would often wait until the morning. To this day porcelain dolls creep him out.  :#  :D

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    Santa will definitely be coming to our house & i can't wait! It just adds to the magic & joy of Christmas for me.
    When my sister told my parents that she was pregnant nearly 3 years ago, one of my mums first reactions was "santa will be coming to our house again". 
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  • I guess my UO is that I hate Elf on a Shelf. I think it's kinda creepy, and also I'm too lazy for that. Santa - yes, Elf on a Shelf - No.
    I'm also too lazy for it.  I wish someone would have warned me, dang it!

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  • Idk if we'll do Santa or not at our house. I don't want to personally but DH does. I feel like Christmas celebrations will be what you make it and can be just as magical without the made up story of Santa but DH is concerned that if we tell our kid there is no Santa he/she will ruin it for other kids and I don't want that either.
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  • I might do elf-on-the-shelf this year. I helped my sister do it last year for her daughter and I really enjoyed it. I think our elf would have lazy days where not much happens. We will do Santa. We are Christian so I put more emphasis on other aspects and tell the story of St. Nicholas/Santa Claus but also the Christmas story. (not the movie). I do love the Christmas movies though! When my sons got older they weren't angry or upset to find out he is more of a spirit than a guy in a suit. I didn't admit he wasn't real, just that he wasn't a guy coming down the chimney.

    Growing up my parents always had some gifts marked from Santa and some from them. I did and do the same. I can understand people wanting to keep gifts from Santa from getting out of hand not because of wanting the credit but so when a child who received next to nothing hears about it, the expensive stuff came from the parents. Not from an unfair Santa. I don't think it is necessary at all but I like to do it that way.
  • @BumpasaurusRex I want to do this also. Right now we all travel to the grandparents house for it but I really want Christmas tradition to be waking up in our own house in the morning.
  • @BumpasaurusRex I wouldn't feel guilty for that. Our holidays involve several events spread over the course of days. X Christmas Eve morning, Y and Z that night, α Christmas morning, β on the Sunday following. All of these events are 3 hours or so away in Nashville. We end up staying in a central-ish hotel. 

    I've been looking forward to having kids, so I can use them as an excuse to not spend 4 nights in a hotel in Nashville. It's almost like what you're doing, but in a premeditated, gleefully happy to have an excuse way. I should feel guilty, and I haven't even done it yet. I'm disapointed I can't use them to reduce Thanksgiving. That's always Thursday-Sunday trapped in Nashville  :s
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  • I plan on doing every fun and crazy holiday tradition with my kids. I loved it growing up and agree that kids are only little for so long. My mom would put food coloring under our feral on our birthday. When we sat down she would pour in the milk and and the it would change colors and it was one of my favorite birthday traditions. 

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  • This is more of a FFFC but whatever.  I was the kid who ruined Christmas by telling all the other 6 years olds in my class that Santa wasn't real.  In my defense, a mean little boy told me Santa wasn't coming to my house because I was a bad little girl and I explained that Santa wasn't coming to any of the Jewish boys and girls houses.  So he said that was because all of the Jewish kids were naughty.  So I dropped the there's no such thing as Santa bomb.  A little girl in my class cried and the teacher didn't know what to do.

    But I will be telling my kids Santa isn't real because I don't want them to feel bad he doesn't visit them.  This is a huge point of contention with my husband who is Jewish, but converted so was raised Christian.  So, we'll have to see how that works out.

    I do think it's very confusing for kids to be raised two religions but I think I'm mostly bothered by it cause everyone I know who was raised both picked Christianity because it's more "fun" (they're words not mine) and none of them have grown up to be very spiritual, but that's just the people I know.
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  • @MLRocha two "Eids" is fine.  Lol. 
    @PerraSucia you guys literally get a brand new dollar bill? Is it just one dollar, too? I know it's tradition to give money to those younger than you but I didn't know people give new bills. Maybe that's something some families do.  Not sure.  

  • @AfKash yeah like they go to the bank and everything to get freshies.  something about new beginnings.  Afghan / Persian new year is also HUGE and we get fish (that we can never keep alive) and some weird fruit soup that's like the equivalent to a liquid fruit cake. 
  • We are definitely doing Santa, but neither of our families ever got into the Easter Bunny. To be honest, I don't even know the rules of the Easter Bunny. Does it just bring Easter baskets and eggs? Is there a cool claymation movie to explain it like with Santa and Rudolph?
  • @BumpasaurusRex and @Lafreeman21 I could not agree more! When I was 8, our family moved across the country from the rest of all of our extended family. There have been very few holidays since then that we have actually spent at home, and even now I'm the odd-ball sibling that has moved away from the rest of the family and such. Even when I tried the 'it's too expensive to fly on Thanksgiving' excuse, we started "faux family Thanksgiving" so I could fly in sometimes earlier in October or November to have Thanksgiving. Once babies are out, people can come to us! And if they don't come, well, they don't get to see baby! haha Too bad, so sad.
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  • @AfKash yeah like they go to the bank and everything to get freshies.  something about new beginnings.  Afghan / Persian new year is also HUGE and we get fish (that we can never keep alive) and some weird fruit soup that's like the equivalent to a liquid fruit cake. 
    Haha! That is awesome! (Not for your poor fish,though. )

  • Ohhhh @poetryandoceans you must have incredible strength! I probably would have cancelled on everyone if mine was that close to such big and populated events. We have already toyed with not traveling to see family this Christmas and my mom has done the half-guilt trip then turned into 'well, maybe we will come see you.... maybe..." haha I'm cool either way, I just wanna be in sweatpants and relaxing! If it was snowing, that would be an additional bonus! But anywhere we go will need to be at least a 6 hour drive, if not more, or a plane flight (Nope! Not happening!)... give me hot chocolate, marshmallows, and Elf and I'm happy!!!
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  • @TeacherMom2517 I don't know if it was strength so much as shock. I was pretty numb. 

    My MIL has been making noise about coming and making dinner for us here, NOT on Christmas itself, which I'm open to. The "can't be more than an hour from the hospital" rule is coming in super handy!

  • Ahhh yess! I, too, have several friends who've adopted me for Xmas! People like you are one of a kind @Gretchypoo

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