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Can someone explain the trimester math to me?

We're going to Disney for our anniversary - driving down tomorrow. One of my apps says I'm in the second trimester, the other (bump app) says I'm in the last week of the first. I have scheduled a surprise couple's massage for my husband and I on our anniversary at the spa at our resort, but everything I'm reading said pregnant women shouldn't get massages in the first trimester, and the lady I scheduled with also asked when I told her I was pregnant. I'm 13 weeks now, will be 14 weeks when we have the massages - so will it be safe to go forward with the massage (which I could definitely use), or do I need to figure something else out? 
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Re: Can someone explain the trimester math to me?

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    There is no clear cut answer on when the trimester ends. Some say 13 and other say 14. I go with 13 weeks. I found this breakout the other day, but again, different sources say different things. 

    As far as whether or not to get the massage, I say go for it. As long as you have a masseuse that knows how to give prenatal massages.
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  • I mean, 40/3 is 13.333 so I suppose at 13w2.5d you would be in your second trimester. But there's nothing magical about that. I think you'll be fine. 
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  • yep, if you want to be more technical you can go by 13 weeks and 3 days which people do. I just go with 13 weeks being the start of 2nd tri. And 27 weeks as the start of 3rd tri, even though it is like 26 weeks and 5 days. 

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  • I think I'll be doing that over my lunch break. Thanks, ladies! Hormones are running high today, so this upset me more than it should. 
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  • With DS I had massages per my doctors orders starting at week 12. I did go to a spa that specializes in prenatal massage but there wasn't much difference.
  • I was looking this up yesterday and found this really helpful. Like @mrsstuessy said, 13+ is what it says but I'm just going with 13 too. Here's the link:
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  • I actually am also leaving for Disney tomorrow for our first anniversary and I also scheduled massages. When I booked the pregnancy massage, they asked if I was passed the 12th week, which I am. So I believe it's fine. I will be 14 weeks when we get the massages. 
  • @bfhensen - I'll be 14 weeks when we get ours, too. Where are you staying when you get there? We'll be at Coronado Springs. 
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  • Omg!  We're at Coronado Springs too!  It was the best value with a king size bed for the free dining special. I can't wait to stuff my face with free Disney food!  Have a great vacation and happy anniversary!!!
  • I had been getting monthly deep tissue massages to tension in my shoulder and when I got pregnant talked to my Dr. about continuing it. She was totally fine with massages with no trimester restrictions. She did suggest having the masseuse stay away from my feet as there are pressure points there can cause cramping. And always tell your masseuse that you are pregnant, if they are any good they will be happy to adjust. Mine told me that I could either be face-up or on my side if laying on my stomach was too much. 
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