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Did you replace elastic before baby #2?

I have a stash of mostly BG 4.0's, and I'm debating whether or not to replace the elastics in them for baby #2. They don't seem too bad, but wasn't sure if I'm going to open myself up to lots of leaks because the elastic isn't as tight. Just seems like a lot of work to replace all the elastic!
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Re: Did you replace elastic before baby #2?

  • I got some BG from a friend who used them with one child. My son has been wearing them for 8 months now with no problem with the elastic yet (even compared to the ones I bought new). However I have had to rewaterproof a few-- thankfully that's very easy. 

    I have had to replace elastic in some Kawaii baby diapers I also got used, but they had been used for 2 or 3 kids before I got them.

    Good luck! 
  • @mamadcb How do you rewaterproof them?
  • I followed the instructions on this website. It was super easy and cheap. Worked great and I now have so many more diapers!

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