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Hi Everyone!  I have a 9 month old and just moved to Boston area from Maine. Although I'm a few years away from thinking about TTC baby #2, I have to find a gyro and would like to find one I can use for OB when the time eventually comes.  In the middle of my first pregnancy I moved from a NJ to Maine and switching doctors showed me how much I LOVED having lab work and ultrasound right in the doctor's office.  Ideally I want a doctor that delivers at Newton Wellsley.  Any recs would be much apprecuated!


  • I sent you a PM.

  • I go to NEOBGYN.  They have ultrasound and lab work in their office, and can also handle NSTs in-office.  However, they deliver at Brigham & Womens; not sure if that's a deal-breaker for you.
  • Are you north of Boston?  South of Boston?  West?  I see Dr. Dolinger at Newton-Wellesley OB-GYN.  The main office is at Newton Wellesley Hospital, and they have a satellite office in Walpole.  I've met with most of the Drs at the office during my last pregnancy, and they are all great.
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