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my eight month old has had extremely loose bowel movements(abnormal he's formula fed)since Friday. Literally every diaper is poopy and he normally has a bowel movement once a day. His bottom is extremely sore.i really think it's from teething, although none have popped through yet. He is soaking all of his clothes in drool and is extremely cranky. Crying all day which is not like him at all. And he's only drinking half of his formula at his feedings... Anyone got this going on too??! Diarrhea while teething?! 

Re: Teething??!

  • Sounds to me like teething... how is his sleeping? Any changes in his normal sleep pattern? 
  • All the signs lead me to believe it's teething as well. LO also has had very loose bowl movements while teething (currently has 2 bottom teeth and the top 2 are coming through).  She also refuses her bottle all together at times. 
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  • Teething! Tylenol and baby orajel are great. And something to gnaw on
  • I agree with teething. My LO has two bottom teeth, and I didnt notice. No crankiness. No fever, no loose bowels. But in friday and all weekend she was miserableeeee. I thought she was getting sick because my husband is. But nope. Turns out she has THREE teeth breaking through at the same time. Id say yours is teeth for sure she also got a tiny diaper rash which I thought was a reaction to eggs but its gone and for sure from the teeth. 
  • Thanks y'all. I agree... Patiently waiting some to cut through 
  • Supposedly loose bowels is not a sign of teething-- but we had them plus a fever plus pink cheeks when LO's first tooth was cutting.
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