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GTKY 9/27

What would be your first big purchase if you won the lottery?!?!?
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Re: GTKY 9/27

  • A new house! While our house is fine, a new one that's more secluded would be nice. I'd love a large, open kitchen, which I don't have now.
  • There are lots of practical things I would probably do first, but in the realm of unnecessary, I'd probably actually fund a second master's degree for myself. Or pursue my doctorate, but ugh. I'm not sure I could handle that much. 
    (This would be unnecessary particularly because I would be doing it in creative writing or something I probably wouldn't use.) 
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  • Aside from our debt, obv, I would buy a new car for sure! I hate our current car situation and we are both in need of new vehicles. A new house would be secondary- I would prefer to be in a different area it we couldn't afford it when we decided to buy a home
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  • The very first thing? An extended vacation in Kihei. It's my favourite place in the whole world <3
  • Like most of you, I would get rid of all our other debt first, purchase a bigger vehicle that we are going to desperately need soon and then like @twistsandturnsto2 I would purchase a house in the area we love but can't afford at this time.

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  • Definitely a several week-long trip moving through Europe, and then as much as we can put towards a moderately-sized house.
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  • Pay off my student loans! These things are going to haunt me forever. :(
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  • 1. Pay off all debt
    2. Pay off all family debt (this is my one and only gift to them. Don't come asking for more money!  :D )
    3. Buy land (at least an acre) and custom build a house, renting out our current home.
    4. Upgrade our vehicles (I will already be upgrading sometime between Xmas and April, but DH might as well get a new car too).
    5. Take two family vacations (All out trip to Disneyland and Barcelona/Europe)
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  • A house. We rent, and with the new baby it is going to be too small. Plus we live on a court with basically all my in-laws. It's our house, a house, my SIL, a house, my M&FIL. I gotta  get out of here!

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  • I would buy a new house.  Ours is great and I love it, but it's not my dream house. 

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  • We would put money aside for a house with land, but then we would spend as much possible time in Norway! Maybe 6 months? 

  • I'd probably get my MBA, and we'd purchase one or two more multi-units and rent them out.
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  • After paying off the debt we have left and our current house, I'd buy a bunch of land and build an animal rescue/sanctuary. I'd put money aside for my kids & nieces/nephews to go to college and maybe a nice vacation somewhere in there, too! For myself, I'd get a nice makeover. Momma is lookin pretty run down these days. Haha! 
  • We'd build a house. Living with my mom is convenient most of the time but I am ready for some personal space. 
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    I'll pay off my house and all debt first (& to keep the stream of income, rent my house on the cheap to my sister.)  Then buy a place on Grand Cayman and when I'm bored, I'll work at Rum Point braiding people's hair while my husband makes cocktails in coconuts or takes people on fishing charters.  With the extra money from the lottery (because I win the hypothetical jackpot), I'll fly family and friends in every once in a while to stay and visit. 
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  • Either a new house or an addition for our current house. We love our neighborhood and our yard, but would love a little more space.
  • @SnarkasaurusRex  Yes! I know exactly how you feel.

    I would pay off student loans and then move to Europe for a year or two just to live and travel.
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  • A new home. I super love our small home, but it will be packed when we add #3 in April.

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    DD2 born 5/14/13.

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  • Pay off everything-  bigger (but not huge) house on a large lot of land- new cars - money aside for kids college- then if there was something left animal rescue.
    Abbygirl 5/2012
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  • I'd pack up and move to the Netherlands. 
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    DH: 36
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    #2 expected 4/25/17
  • Quit my job ASAP!!! From there pay off all debts, and buy another home closer to family.  And the splurge would be a vacay in Europe or Hawaii.
  • Pay off debt, bigger house, college funds for my - soon to be- 5, and then adopt/foster kiddos! 
  • My first instinct is to buy a house, either a city acreage in a newer development or a heritage house closer to the core. Followed by a very relaxing vacation somewhere. But, then I think (depending on what I won) that it would be better to invest well and then live off the interest.
  • How much we talking? We'd probably quit our jobs and build a house in the woods. :p
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  • From a practical perspective, I'm with everyone else... pay off loans first. I don't want a new house but there are a lot of things I would fix about our current house. Then a new car. 
  • Get out of my mom's basement faster! My poor husband works around the clock starting his business and I would so love for him to be able to relax some! 
  • We are in the super practical category, too.  After paying off DH's student loans, our house and ensuring we've saved enough for college, weddings and graduate school for the little ones, then we'd start having fun.  Maybe a beach house off Highway 30A in FL? 
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  • Payoff our debts, donate, save for college/retirement, invest a good chunk of it and live off the earnings in hopes of being able to volunteer more. I would love to be able to do more charity work without having to keep a paycheck coming in. 
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  • I would be booking a luxury vacation so fast it wouldn't even be funny

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  • We would buy a house first (after paying off debts), then a new car, and then booking a nice long vacation :) 

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  • After pay off student loans (blah), and buying a bigger house in a an area we cant afford right now, I would then take my 3 BFF's to a spa weekend somewhere luxurious. 
  • Finish fixing up our home and yard, set aside money for nursing school, set money aside for DD and baby's university etc, figure something out in the way of helping DH's mom financially a bit and then probably a nice vacation (I'm thinking Fiji) and new more practical family vehicles!
  • My state (TN) might be showing here but we would buy land. One of our goals is to own a chunk of land where we could build a family retreat. We wouldn't go there in lieu of vacations, just a place to go as a family. 
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  • Buy homes in PR for us, and in laws. I love it there. Maybe get some land with it and grow all the mangos and bananas we can eat.
    Buy a home for my mom by the shore (Jersey) to be near her friends. Maybe with a guest house so we can visit. 
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  • After the practical stuff, debt, house, cars......DISNEY!!!! I want to go so bad, but it truly won't be in our budget like ever. 
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