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Can't keep anything down

Hello, I am likely between 7-9 weeks pregnant. (I find out Thursday) due to nursing my one year old I never had a period, hence being unsure about how far along I am. In the past two weeks I have lost around 10lbs and as of the past couple of days I cannot even keep liquids down. I feel exhausted and I know I need food and liquids in me. I was thinking of getting some Gatorade and Popsicle's to help hydrate. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Can't keep anything down

  • I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy!!  :/  I had nausea but no vomiting at 7-9 weeks so others may chime in with better suggestions, but you may want to try Gatorade like you suggested (or Pedialyte) and drinking it in small sips spaced out over time (rather than gulping down large amounts of fluids at once - I've always heard that makes it more likely to come back up).  Another suggestion recently on the board to avoid dehydration was to try fruits and veggies with high water content (I found a list here:  When I had really bad nausea watermelon seemed to help, but everyone's tastes are different especially when nauseous.

    Hope you feel better soon!! 
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  • I would be calling if it is that bad.

    In the meantime, try playing with temperatures.  I'm much better able to get ice cold water or gatorade down, rather than room temp.  That's just me, but something like that might help you too. 

    Hope you are feeling well soon and get the help you need. 
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  • Thanks for the replies. I was able to keep Gatorade down yesterday and some food. I'm with you on ice cold, I definitely prefer that over room temp. 
  • I'm so sorry and I can sympathize since I was the same a few weeks ago!  Chilled coconut water really saved me!  It was pretty much the only liquid I could keep down.  I hope you start feeling better soon!
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