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Weekly Fitness Check In 9.26

Hi all, happy Monday!  How are you doing, fitness wise?  After a successful week last week, I didn't lose anything this week, so I'm kind of bummed, but I was able to fit into a pre pregnancy dress I couldn't wear a couple weeks ago, so I feel like I'm still making progress, even if it isn't always reflected on the scale!  My goal this week is to lose 2 pounds, which I haven't been able to do since starting this diet, so it's going to take a lot of work.  I'm going to be really strict with calories and get 10k steps every day except today (because it supposed to be 104 degrees and I am not taking my usual lunch time hour walk in that!)

Anyway, hope you're all doing well.  Trying to keep my eyes on the prize of getting under 200 again soon!

Starting weight: 215
Current weight: 212
Mini goal: 199
Pre preg weight: 185
Long term goal: 150

Re: Weekly Fitness Check In 9.26

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    Good for you being able to fit back into clothes you couldn't before!  To me, that's more important than my weight (mostly because I hate shopping and refusd to buy a new wardrobe)
    I weighed myself this weekend for the first time in a month and lost another pound, so now I'm only 3lbs over my pre pregnancy weight.  I still feel really out of shape though. 
    I hit my goal of 8000 steps a day every day last week and I'm upping it to 9000 steps this week.  
    I'm still trying to figure out how to fit some actual exercise in, but with DS thinking 4:30am is an appropriate wake up time, I just can't figure out how that's going to work.
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    I haven't weighed myself today (I will tomorrow) but I finally found some motivation! I really want a 2nd baby. I didn't think that I wanted one *now* until two of my best friends both told me that they are pregnant. (Neither knows about the other but they're only 3 days apart in finding out). I was shocked by how sad I felt NOT to be pregnant. Yesterday that's basically what I felt: sad. But today I realize that I'm not ready for #2 yet (which is good because DH isn't sure he wants another one at all, ha). My motivation is to use the next months, however long I have, to get in shape for a 2nd pregnancy. 

    So today I threw away all the tempting food in the house, took my morning walk with LO, and even exercised (for 15 min :)) during his 2nd nap. I need to get back some core and back strength especially, so I'm focusing on those. Yay for motivation!
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    I remembered to weigh in this morning-- down two pounds from last week! 

    Starting weight: 226
    Current weight: 230.2
    Short-term goal: 220 (pre-pregnancy)
    Long-term goal: 185
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    Great job @mamadcb !!!  Two pounds is great!  And I totally get that motivation - I really want a second baby too (we have to wait until LO is 18 months because of my thyroid issue - but I want to start trying just as soon as we get the green light) and I really, really want to be at a lower weight when I start that pregnancy than I was when I got pregnant last time.  I was a good 15 pounds over my 'happy weight' when I got pregnant and then gained 40 on top of that, so I have a long way to go, but I think being much lighter would help me have an easier pregnancy the next time around.  (I hope, anyway!)  
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    I'm down to 164. 6 pounds to pre pregnancy weight. I really want to make use of my jogging stroller now that the weather is perfect for it. I'm just trying to eat well and keep moving. Violet and i danced around the kitchen for about 15 minutes today and she loved it
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    Starting weight: 193
    Current weight: 172
    Short-term goal: 155
    Long-term goal: 140

    Down two pounds from last weigh in - Seems like I am one of those women that will start losing weight quickly post-breastfeeding.  I have not done a lot, though my appetite is a little suppressed here lately.  I have not gotten back into exercising yet :(  been super slack in that area.  But I am happy to notice some changes in my clothes!
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    Starting weight: 206
    Current weight: 178
    Short term goal: 175
    Long term goal: 160

    I've been trying to get this weight off since July, and things have been going well. I'm at almost 30 pounds lost. I'm back into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but the scale isn't reflecting my pre-pregnancy weight (actually pre-surgery weight...I had surgery about six months before I got pregnant and had put on about 20 pounds), and it hasn't been moving as much lately. I've only lost one pound in the last two weeks, but I'm not beating myself up about it. I'm still eating REALLY clean, and exercising 4-5 days a week. I'm 5'10", and have a large frame, so 178 isn't necessarily a bad weight for me. I wear a size 8 at this weight...but I'm still wanting to take off another 15 pounds or so. I'm just being patient with myself. I'll get it off eventually. 
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    All of you ladies are doing awesome!  So jealous of everyone fitting into prepregnancy clothing. Leggings are still my best friends. 

    I haven't weighed in this week. It's been a very busy, very sucky week. Dr Pepper and chocolate have been my vices this week. I've only been able to squeeze in 2 workouts. Oh well. I just need to get through tomorrow and then will start fresh again October 1st.

    Hooray for setbacks!  
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    Ya I'm just going to pretend like this week didn't happen :)
    Leggings are still my best friend, for sure!

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    Starting weight: 133ish
    Current Weight: 123

    not really set on a number goal just a workout goal. I am on my 6th week working out consistently Monday-Friday and finally feel like it's becoming more habit and less of me dreading it. My diet could always be better but I'm trying to just make smarter choices overall instead of calorie counting since I'm still breastfeeding. I've been stuck around 123 for a while but as long as I'm getting my workouts in I'm comfortable with that! For two weeks I have said I was gonna plan my meals in advance and I still haven't done it sooooo that's the goal again... Haha 

    i I also just got a jogging stroller that I've used once and can't wait to use more as it starts cooling off! 
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    Haven't checked in yet because I haven't been trying hard but I've finally decided to hold myself accountable...hopefully. I'm down to 164.8 today from 170 originally. Short term goal is 155 but mainly just to fit into my prepregnancy clothes again. I cut out any alcohol until Thanksgiving (ugh) and have focused on a better diet. I am trying to do short, fat burning workouts since I never have much free time with 2 little ones. I downloaded an app called 7 minute workout and I'm excited to try it tomorrow!
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