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Triploidy - 2nd Loss Panel Result

Hi Ladies, I finally got my loss panel result for our 2nd loss at 7.5 weeks, said it was a chromosome abnormality called Triploidy. Apparently it's very rare and from what I've read and the doctor it's not genetic or recurring... Is this true? Has anyone heard of this or had it? I have heard it before, but not familiar with it. 

Re: Triploidy - 2nd Loss Panel Result

  • Hi @KyCade3013 . Yes, my baby had triploidy. It's actually not that rare, I think  1 in 100 pregnancies are triploidy pregnancies. Its a pretty common cause of MC. I think it's rare for a triploidy pregnancy to proceed to the 2nd trimester. Also triploidy is not related to age. A 20 year old is as likely that have a triploidy pregnancy as a 40 year old (comforting to a 37 year old).

    Im so sorry for your loss, but hopefully this news will encourage you that it's not likely to happen again. 

    Age 39, H 38

    Married 8/15

    Pregnancy #1, MMC, D&C November/December 2015
    Pregnancy #2, Dx with Triploidy at 12 weeks, MMC, D&C May 2016
    Pregnancy #3 BFP 10/20/2016- EDD 7/01/2017
    DD was born on June 26, 2017
    Pregnancy #4 CP 4/2018
    Pregnancy #5 BFP 9/13/2018, EDD= 5/27/2019
  • Thanks @chloe97 and sorry for your losses as well. That is comforting, in a messed up way I'm actually relieved my body did its thing and realized the baby couldn't survive. 
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