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  • @laeberge3 I also had some bleeding that they diagnosed as a sch.  Problem is that my previous blood work looked great.  My dr let us know that pregnancy can change things.  Hopefully the medication sits well with you and you don't experience any side effects!
  • @rainbowturtles @RiverSong15 New therapist experience was very positive! I think she'll actually be able to help me out and I'd love to be more even-keeled!

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    Me: 34    DH: 38

    MC #1: D&C Oct 23, 2015 (7.5 weeks)
    Married: Nov. 7, 2015
    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks) 
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
    RPL testing November 2016-January 2017
    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    Possibly giving up because I just can't even anymore...

    BFP 1/16/2019  
    HCG blood qualitative test - between 5 and 25... FML...

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    1. Introduce yourself (if you're new): 19/05 LMP, "anembryonic pregnancy" diagnosed at week 7 or 8 (1 healthy yolk sac and ONE 6 1/2 week gestational sac seen) and hCG at 70,000. No amniotic sacs were observed but then again machines were old). Monitored decline of hCG weekly-ish. Spotting started week 16 (28/08), delivery 16+5. Opened gestational sac - there are two sacs inside! Twins? Also in turbulent relationship which may have caused the initial problematic progesterone and hCG (week 4/5). This is a third clinically confirmed loss for me. ALL 3 natural. Second time found one blocked tube. Doing all sorts of blood tests now. Thyroid and insulin resistance results AND "CD3" LH/FSH/PG/E2/PROLACTIN come back today. Doing cortisol test tomorrow due to stress as it competes with progesterone... 

    2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc.): WTO or TWW? I wish this 1st period was really just breakthrough bleeding and I am pg but highly doubt it... will see what the temp does next few days it's been steady and low-ish past couple of days. DOESNT help I started feeling nauseous 2 days ago (ms happened early in all pgs) and never happened during a period and yesterday I was soon exhausted, hardly did any physical activity and just plopped off to sleep middle of the day.

    3. Rants/raves:
    26/09 (date of this thread!) started bleeding bang on where my period would have been whether my lifetime or recent cycle length (28 1/2 days since mc spotting started, 23 days since delivery - this latter one has been closer to how my recent pre pregnancy periods have been). but this 1st period post mc has been strangely gooey like dark red coloured CM (sorry for TMI) where normally its watery or sticky and abundant with some clots... We were definitely BD around correct days if ovulation took place 14 days before "period" (lately been having a short follicular phase according to temps but 14 day luteal) but my temps have been haywire POST mc progesterone decline so I have no idea when or IF I ovulated AAARGH. Also my BF has been a bit cruel these past few days and am just an emotional wreck, with a death in my family as well a few days ago plus the loss of my Los a few weeks back and the stress of a project to be handed in today. And I am constantly asking God WHY? Why all this and I am a long way away from family and close friends... And I now live on forums...
    Ah and have had restless nights since 2 weeks ago and they don't seem to be improving... hmpf

    4. GTKY: Work from home so try to change environment frequently to avoid getting stuck in my head and bowling eyes out.
  • 2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc.): Technically TWW but I was benched during ovulation since I had had my D&C on September 12 and ovulated on the 18th. Been charting my temps since miscarrying on August 5th and they've been all over the place until the D&C, then everything just started coming back to normal and I've been consistently at the same elevated temp for 11 days, so I know I ovulated. Yay!

    3. Rants/raves: Despite my HCG still being around 50 at my last recheck, I'm so relieved to see that after almost 2 months, I'm finally ovulating again! Excited to TTC in October!

    4. GTKY: Does anybody have any routines for the week (like meal prepping, day specific activities) or special things you do on Monday to help you make it through the week? I tend to cook a big meal on Sunday to have a lot of leftovers to eat throughout the week. That helps me out big time!

    TTC#1 - 6.3.16
    BFP#1 - 7.1.16, (mo-di twins + singleton) due 3.15.17
    MC singleton - 7.13.16 - 5w
    MMC identical twins - 8.5.16 - 8w+2d
    Misoprostol 4x
    D&C - 9.12.16
    Hysteroscopy - 11.21.16 - Retained tissue filling half of uterus removed, blocked left tube, benched for 2 cycles, on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days
    HSG - 2.7.17 - Asherman's Syndrome. Both tubes open.
    Hysteroscopy 2.13.17 - Incomplete adhesiolysis for Asherman's, benched & on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days. At least two more surgeries needed...
    Hysteroscopy 3.21.17 - Adhesiolysis for Asherman's, benched & on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days.
    TTCAL #1: 4.24.17
    Hysteroscopy 5.23.17 - Scars reformed. Adhesiolysis. Unsure what to do next...
    Fertility acupuncture - started 6.13.17
  • Lola_D welcome, although I hate to see yet another added to the TTCAL group. Relationship stress can affect you in so many ways. I hate continued PG symptoms while going through MC- Phantom Symptoms, I call them. I hope yours are due to new PG!! I hope for good news for you!

    @weareturtles Yay for ovulation!! :)

    I am so blessed to have the love of my life, my DH, est. November 2008.

    BFP#1 Nov 2014, Missed MC at 11w, D&C on 01/06/2015

    BFP#2 Sept 2015, Missed MC at 6w, Methotrexate injection 3/25/16, released from Doc 5/17/16

    BFP#3 Oct 2016, Chemical

  • Hey ladies! Really long week here. So happy it's the weekend. I had back to school night this week and had to do lots of grading. It flew by thankfully. And now I get a three day weekend!

    2. Status (WTO, TWW, Benched, etc.): TWW, either 4 or 5dpo (9/7, 3/3 TTCAL)

    3. Rants/raves: Usually I get a post O high where I'm super happy and excited that everything we could
    do is done and I might be KU. This cycle I got a post-O sadness fueled by 'well I do everything right every month and don't get KU, why would I be pregnant this time'. Not super fun. In better news my anxiety is still doing ok. More heightened than normal. But it hasn't gone back to what it was a few weeks ago. 

    4. GTKY: Does anybody have any routines for the week (like meal prepping, day specific activities) or special things you do on Monday to help you make it through the week?
    I usually meal prep on Sunday's but I haven't done that at all this school year yet and have been existing off of deli sandwiches!

    Oh! Also. I finally decided to share about my loss publicly today. I started with Instagram and am working my way up to Facebook. It felt really good to speak my mind openly. 
    Me: 28 DH: 26
    Married: November 2015  3 
    TTC#1: January 2016
    BFP #1: 5/02/16 - MC: 5/27/16
    BFP #2: 10/06/16: 6 - EDD: 06/20/17
    DD Born 06/23/17 3
    TFAS: April 2018
    BFP #3: 03/21/18 - CP
    BFP #4: 04/23/18 - EDD 01/04/19

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