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Diaper rash/yeast infection from hell.....

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It has been 3+ weeks and 2 pediatrician visits and my LO is still suffering from a "yeast infection" in his diaper area from hell. 
After 1st Dr visit we did the Nystatin (antifungal) cream. Never got any better, so after 2 weeks we saw the Dr again who gave same diagnosis and prescribed the same cream and added an oral medicine to the routine. 
That was Wednesday (today is Sunday) and it seems exactly the same if not a tad worse. 
We tried a baking soda bath tonight but I feel like such a failure. I feel like I'm doing everything I can.
Any thoughts or suggestions? 

Re: Diaper rash/yeast infection from hell.....

  • I don't have much experience with baby yeast infections but for regular diaper rashes that are getting out of hand, I try to let my son get some fresh air. Maybe try to do some tummy time time, play time, or nap time without a diaper on (but a towel under him)?
  • Just some thoughts, but could he be sensitive to the diapers and/or wipes you're using? Maybe try changing those if you haven't already.
    What about an infant probiotic supplement?
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  • @runningwild I switched his regular wipes for Water Wipes. They are 99.9% water and .1% fruit extract - no alcohol. Diapers are the same he's been using since birth. This all seemed to flair up after he went swimming about a month ago and I'm running myself ragged with this. My sister suggested probiotics but I haven't done research on it. Thought about calling the Dr to get their input and/or which to use.
  • @fourtsixand2 I would try the probiotics then... couldn't hurt to try. Hope it gets better soon.
  • How does his diaper area look like? I would most definitely try another brand of diapers, use only water and no wet wipes, change often, let him air dry and keep him diaper free as much as possible and go for the probiotics. If things aren't getting better soon I would see the pedi again or get a second opinion. 
  • After 2 visits to the pediatrician, a week or two of Nystatin cream and A&D ointment, then all that plus oral antibiotics for 7 days, there is no change. A 3rd call to the pediatrician today and I'm just told "we can treat it for a staph infection but that would be all we can do before sending him to a dermatologist," despite him ruling a staph infection out a week ago. I guess we'll try this new cream (Naproxen cream) and cross our fingers. We're only using water wipes and switched to a chlorine/dye/latex free diaper (Just switched the diapers yesterday), we're giving him baking soda baths and loading up on A&D ointment. I feel helpless.
  • Have you tried calmoseptine? I don't know that it will take care of the yeast, but in the NICU they swore by it and sent us home with a full tube of it. Our daughter had a horrible cold and ended up with a nasty rash overnight a couple weeks ago. One application of calmoseptine and it was gone within 24 hours. Hopefully it clears up for your little one soon! 

  • Fingers crossed for your LO to get better. I would press on to see a dermatologist considering how long your poor LO have had this rash. Wishing you all the best
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