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Falling when pregnant?

i was stepping of a ladder today in my garage and misjudged a step and fell on the floor. The side of my butt/hips and hand took most of the fall and I feel ok for the most part but I'm still a little worried. Any other moms have something similar happen in past pregnancies? Don't know if I'm just panicking or if I should go to emerg? (First time mom)

Re: Falling when pregnant?

  • I suspect baby is fine. There's a lot of cushion in there. Perhaps call your doctor in the morning if it would make you feel better but I doubt you need to worry. If you started bleeding or something then yeah,  you should go in. But that's not likely to happen. 
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  • It is extremely unlikely that you have anything to worry about at this point. Falls are a bigger deal during 3rd tri, and even then only if you land directly on your bump. At this point, baby is still well protected in there. Like PP said, if you experience any extreme cramping or bleeding, that would be the only reason to head to the ER.

    I slipped and fell on my butt on some ice at 26 weeks with DS...didn't hit my belly at all but I wound up with some impressive bruising on my derriere. ;) Called my OB just to be on the safe side and she told me not to worry about it one bit.
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  • I fell in my butt, slipped down three steps, with DD1. I called and was told to go to L&D for monitoring bc of the risk of placental abruption. 

    However, as early as you are there wouldn't be anything they can do, unfortunately. I hope all is well and baby is fine.

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