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Appointments week of 9/26

Starting this tonight because I know I won't have time until late tomorrow morning.

Buuuuuut I should be around more consistently starting this week, so I hope you bishes haven't forgotten me ;)
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Re: Appointments week of 9/26

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  • I remember that a lot of you have A/S this week and wish you all the best :smile:
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  • We also have our A/S this week on Thursday afternoon! I am getting so antsy! I have a feeling these next few days are going to feel like forever 
  • A/S tomorrow morning!! Fingers crossed for healthy babies at all the A/S's this week!

  • A/S on Wednesday! DH and DD are coming and we are all excited to hopefully see a healthy baby and find out the sex. 
  • A/S on Wednesday! @Spicyweiner like you, my H works Tuesday night. He gets home at 6:30am Wednesday. Luckily we were able to schedule the appointment for 3:30 though, so that he can make it! But that means I have to sit through work all day, waiting :-/ What time is your appt? 

    I've been thinking it's a boy since our last scan, but last night I had a dream we found out it was a girl. I have no preference, but H is hoping for a boy, and MIL wants a girl (there are very few girls in H's family). Can't wait to find out!
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  • We have our 20 week anatomy scan on Thursday. But there is a lady at our church who does ultrasounds and is having me come to her office tomorrow afternoon for a little sneak peek! Super excited to see this little guy/girl TWICE this week. Fingers crossed we can tell tomorrow if it's a girl or boy - the suspense is killing me!
  • A/S on wed over here too. Can't wait to see baby boy! 

  • So many A/Ss last and this week! Such an exciting time for F17!! Good luck to everyone, hoping for healthy babes for you all!

    I have a regular MW appt Friday. Not quite as exciting as A/S, but get to hear baby's heartbeat again, which never gets old! ;)
  • A/S on Thursday. Hopefully we'll confirm that this little guy is indeed a little guy. 
    I also haven't felt any movements yet, so it will be nice to see what's going on in there :)
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  • OB appointment tomorrow and A/S on 10/3! Its first thing that morning so I'm posting on this week's appointment board since it will be done by next week's.... Hopefully we'll find out the gender!

  • Just a regular OB check up on Thursday. 
  • OB appt Friday! And probably will have to schedule the A/S scan after that appt. 
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  • I was all worried about getting waxed for Friday but they're probably just doing the Doppler

  • My phone is being fucky. It's at 10:30 but he is going to try to flex out early. If not, I'll just drive because he really wants to go. 
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    I have the anatomy scan on Thursday. I'm excited to see the little guy again but nervous too. I have no particular reason to be nervous I'm just a natural worrier.
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  • OB tomorrow plus the glucose test, repeat AS Thursday and new counselor Friday 
  • Jab3 said:
    OB tomorrow plus the glucose test, repeat AS Thursday and new counselor Friday 
    Good luck, Jab!

  • So this week we have the AS and I'm excited beyond belief. but last week we had a regular check up. they did a glucose test (bc I'm fat) and a vitamin d test. Both came back abnormal. So now I have to take a Vitamin D supplement and I have to go in for a fasting 3 hour glucose test.

    I think I'm fine -- I forgot I was supposed to do the glucose test that day (remembered in the morning, forgot in the afternoon and didn't follow the instructions exactly right) so I think if I do it right this time I'll be fine. But I can't help but feel really worried about GD. I know there is nothing to do except eat healthy but GD would suck. 
  • @Gretchypoo, I hope you don't end up having GD. When will you find out or when are you going in for the 3 hour one? What is the vitamin D test? I've never heard of that one. 
  • Good luck to everyone at their anatomy scans this week! Mine isn't until October 11, but I'm waiting at my Physical Therapy office for my first visit today. Hoping the physical therapist is able to help me find some relief for this awful hip pain!!

  • I have regular OB appt today. So jealous of all you A/S ladies. Mine is next week to accommodate my husband's travel schedule. 

    Inquiring today about cramping and pressure I've been feeling and also a trip to London we have booked for Oct. 
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  • Jab3 said:
    @Gretchypoo, I hope you don't end up having GD. When will you find out or when are you going in for the 3 hour one? What is the vitamin D test? I've never heard of that one. 
    They just took a blood test to check my Vit D levels. Vit D is good for your bones and prevents pre-eclampsia apparently.

    I hope I don't have GD too. I go in next week for the 3 hrs test (Friday I think) so we'll find out soon. :-(
  • Good luck @Gretchypoo! TRY not to worry too much about it because at this point there's nothing you can do except to show up for the test.  I know, easier said than done.  But you can try.   :)

  • @kirstynikole if they give you good tips for hip pain, share the wealth!!! :-) My left hip has been a beaaaar!
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  • NM. The midwives want me in ASAP. So I guess I'm taking the test this week. deep breaths.
  • @krob super jelly of your trip to London. Take lots of pics!

    @Gretchypoo fx everything turns out okay for you!! Sorry you have to drink the gross orange syrup! :s
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