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How is everyone doing with using spoons? LO likes to eat yogurt with a spoon but still doesn't have the ability. She'll grab it (not always correctly) and then already expect the food to be on the spoon. lol. It's a slow work in progress. We've also not even tried using a regular cup yet. Anyone else?

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  • He usually just winds up sticking it in his eye or up his nose, honestly. He still much prefers eating with his hands, even if it is something liquid-y like yogurt. I'm not super stressed on rushing him.

    He uses the straw sippy cups and can drink from a cup if we hold it for him. I just got one of those spoutless sippy cups to see how he does with that.

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  • My baby boy also prefers eating with his hands. I do give him soups and yogurt with spoons, we sometimes use the Nooks or the ones you get at the yogurt place lol sometimes I give him a spoon and he doesn't really grab the food but at least tries so I help him and put it in his mouth. I think they are just exploring as they get older I'm sure they'll get the hang of it! :blush:
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  • Thanks moms for letting me know that isn't actually behind. At the 1 year checkup, the doctor said she should be able to use a spoon/fork and a regular cup by her next appointment. I thought it was really soon to have mastered it, but it's what she said. Along with knowing body parts,  animal sounds, and walking up the stairs. I wish we lived in a bigger area so we could get a new doc. We always have to put what she says lightly. 

    BTW. She is doing really well an body parts. She knows toes, noes, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, and definitely belly button. For sounds she knows monkey, duck, chicken, owl, and turkey. Stairs she isnt really getting either, but our stairs are steep and we don't have a rail. 
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    Really? I think that's a bit much, my son doesn't know body parts yet lol and he uses sippy cups I mean they are only 14-15 months. They're still very young and learning and discovering at their own pace. But it's good that you know your baby girl and that's she is doing great! My baby boy just took his first steps last week and just began walking by himself yesterday so yeah mama, every baby grows differently and it's so adorable to see them discover new things every day right? :blush:
  • Hi @AKOL0 @n3na94 @SnarkasaurusRex! Sorry to be MIA... but I wanted to check in finally and I saw this post! It's nice to get out of my "pregnant" head for a bit...

    WOW @AKOL0 your little girl sounds like she's doing well but your doc seems a bit much. My son still prefers to eat with his hands, points to his ear and nose when asked to, will put his arms up in the air, clap or wave when asked to, and will reproduce cow "moo's". I've been too nervous to let him climb up stairs but he gets up and down from our bed easily. 

    @n3na94 it's so exciting that your little boy is walking on his own now! It'll be so much fun to watch him explore!

    @SnarkasaurusRex that's so cool that your little one can use straw sippy cups! My boy uses the soft spout sippy cup but will also drink from a regular glass if we hold it for him.  

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