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Returning to work pregnant

hello ladies

I just found out that I'm pregnant again! I have a 9 month old and I was supposed to return to work in December. This pregnancy wasn't planned but we are happy nevertheless. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and in December I will be 3 months pregnant. 

Please help me me figure out how I announce this to my employer. Do I tell them before returning to work? Should I tell them after? Can I get fired? Are there loopholes where an employer can fire me. I will be taking my maternity leave at the end of April. We really need EI in order to support our family as my husband is studying and currently we are using our saved money and EI to pay bills. 

Re: Returning to work pregnant

  • I am sure the best thing you can do is consult with your HR first. Just to ask what applies to your company. Legally they cant let you go just because you are pregnant but you dont bave to tell them yet either
  • Since you mentioned EI, it sounds like you are Canadian. Just be aware that you need to work a certain number of hours before you will be eligible for maternity leave EI again. Check with Service Canada to make sure you can get those hours before your new baby is born. Also if you received top up pay from your employer then you normally would have signed a return to work agreement where you are required to work a specific amount of time or you have to pay your top up back. Depending on how many hours you normally work, you may want to plan to go back to work a little early, advice above to speak to HR is what I also recommend. 
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  •  You should speak with an attorney in the country in which you live. 
  • If you are in Canada, you cannot get fired for it, you do not have to tell anyone yet unless it interferes with your job, and you need 600 hours to collect EI again. 
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