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Hi ladies.

 I'm cautiously posting here in hopes someone will understand what I'm going through.

 I had a MMC where baby stopped developing at 6 weeks but we didn't find out until 8.  Waited to MC naturally and ended up losing too much blood too quickly and had to be rushed to the ER for a D&C at 9 weeks on August 19.  My hcg was down to 8 on Sept 8 and down to 2 on Sept 15.  My doctor told me to wait one cycle to try again.  I kind of just decided on my own to not prevent anything and relax.  I think I ovulated around September 10ish and I got a positive pregnancy test today at 36 days post D&C.  Kind of extremely shocked. 

I called the nurse line and she seems skeptical and told me to test again in a week.  They didn't want to do blood work yet.  I thought that was kind of odd.  

If my hcg was 2 last week and I got a positive test on a FRER test today that would mean my hcg should be at least 25, right?  Is there a way for your hcg to rise again after dropping post D&C due to retained tissue or something?

Would you guys push for blood work or just wait a week and test? Since its already Friday afternoon I will wait until at least Monday to call back I guess. 

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  • I haven't had your exact situation, but yes I would ask for betas. Congratulations!

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Welcome and congrats! I would test again Monday and then call and ask for betas. Good luck! 


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  • I would totally call back and push to have your HCG tested. I had an almost similar situation after my first MMC and DNC. My opinon of this situation is your OBGYN should be there to put your mind at ease, work with you and not blow you off. In other words they need to listen to you. I ended up leaving my OBGYN because every time I called with a question or concern I felt like I had to somehow justify my concern to them. Who needs that type of aggravation espeically all you've been through?
    Congratulations! To me this clearly sounds like a new pregnancy!! 
  • Sorry for your loss. I would test again Monday and then ask for bloodwork too. I'm horrible at waiting and would just want to know. I'm not a doctor or nurse but after my ectopic they stopped checking once I reached below 5 and for what I understand I wouldn't have gotten that low if there had been retained tissue? 2 could just be your "normal" level right? Because before menopause women are usually 4.9 or below I think, that's why a positive is 5 or above.   sorry you have to wait for answers, it's the worst waiting. Keep us posted please 
  • Thank you ladies for your responses! It definitely makes me feel a little better.  I am definitely going to call back on Monday.  When I was going through my loss I talked to my doctor about maybe needing extra blood work or monitoring if I got pregnant again for peace of mind and she was all for it .  So I think it was just a lame nurse.  Hopefully I can get through to my doctor on Monday. 
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  • I'm currently going through the same thing.  Had  MC on 8/15.  My levels were followed all the way down to 4.  Was told could start trying when we felt ready. Went to OB 2 weeks ago for suspected UTI and turned out I was pregnant again.  They took my betas and the first was 105 and second was 240.  Took a clear blue weeks estimator yesterday and its showing 3+ now.  Have an US tomorrow to date the pregnancy since we have no idea when I ovulated.  They suspect I could have conceived about 2 weeks after my MC. Its def crazy and something we weren't planning. I would def insist your doc do Beta's since your last beta was 2.  Under 5 is considered Not pregnant and the most sensitive HPT detects 10.  Good luck!!!
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  • Hello @JessyKV
    Looks like we are in slightly similar situations. My doctor ordered blood work today and I am going for the first round this evening. I would definitely push for a beta. FX'd for the both of us! 

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