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Five Things Friday 9/23

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Re: Five Things Friday 9/23

  • 1. I got my free taco this morning :)
    2. Its Friday, which means tomorrow is Saturday and we're going to the Pecan Street festival in Austin, meaning lots of yummy food (alligator on stick, onion blossom, funnel cake)
    3. One of my best friends/neighbor is getting married tomorrow 
    4. I'm going to Popeye's for dinner (mmmm red beans and rice)
    5. A dunkin donuts just opened up down the street from us!
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    @shaunessa Awwww, the Pecan Streest festival!! I love that one! Enjoy :)

    1) Cake yesterday and cookies today at work (one for Sept birthdays, one for nat'l Research Administrators day). Glad to have my preggo sweet tooth fed :)
    2) We have dear, dear friends coming in tonight from out of town and I can't wait to share our news with them!
    3) My SIL informed me yesterday that she is getting rid of baby stuff from her three girls and is setting aside a bunch of stuff for us.
    4) Next week is jeans week at work!
    5) It's FRIDAY which means I have Saturday and Sunday to take long afternoon naps!! 

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  • @shaunessa I love that most of yours are food related!

    1. Its Friday!! (This one always applies)
    2. Attending a birthday/engagement party tmrw for a long time friend.
    3. I'm hoping my husband understood my not so subtle demand of shrimp and will stop at the store on his way home!
    4. When I dropped DS off at preschool this morning, the teacher was all loving up on my son's ears. I do the same thing, so it made me happy to know that his teacher has love for him. 
    5. My lunch was delicious!!!
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  • @KirstinH88

    LOL, after i posted that I realized it was all food related!  I'm just glad this morning sickness is over!  And now I have this little window to indulge before the heartburn and acid reflux sets in!
  • 1) It's Friday!

    2) I just realized I don't have to work another Saturday till Oct. 22nd

    3) My 4 day headache finally went away

    4) Didn't have to come in till 2 so I took DS to the sitter early and got to sleep all morning 

    5) Because of said sleep I get to stay up past 10:30 on a Friday night and don't have to hear DH call me boring

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  • 1. I found 3 newborn cloth diapers in great shape at a consignment sale.

    2. I'm making quiche for dinner, soooo excited!

    3. H finally got his car back last night, it's been in the shop on and off since June.

    4. My fall shows are coming back! 

    5. I'm wearing a maternity shirt today and it's the most comfy shirt I own.
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