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Help please?

It's been 7 weeks 4 days since I had my miscarriage. My levels were down 2 on Aug 31 I haven't had a menstrual cycle at all. My question is since I haven't had one can i still try? I want to start trying now, is it possible to even get pregnant now since I haven't had had af?

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  • It is possible to get pregnant after MC before having a period. I would check with your OB is they want you trying before one or not. There is great variability on that topic between providers. Many want you to wait atleast one for dating purposes 
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  • @jessica1316 I agree with @DungeonTrollMel Most Drs advise you to wait after a D&C because of potential lining issues, but I've heard advice all over the map on natural and medication-assisted MC. 

    Ive had 2 MCs and after my 2nd (a D&C at 13 weeks) it took 72 days for AF to show up. My dr had me come in at 8 weeks and my progesterone levels indicated I had ovulated, otherwise she would've given me medication to jump start my period. I'd make an appointment with your Dr to discuss.
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  • I told them today that tomorrow it will be 60 days since my m/c. They told me to wait 3 months from Aug 31 for them to be any type of concerned that I haven't had my af.  I didn't have d&c it all happened in one day then the day after it happened the doctor gave me pills to take to make sure the excess blood was out. So they won't see me for another 2 months
  • Many doctors say they want to see people if they go 60-90 days without a period. It sounds like your doctors are using the upper limit of that range and going based off of when your HCG levels dropped.

    Based on your dates, it sounds like it took a month for your HCG levels to drop after your MC. Your body could just be taking a long time to regulate. As much as it sucks, it's not uncommon after a MC. Are you tracking your cycle at all (OPKs, cervical mucus, basal body temp)? I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope your body gets back on track soon.
  • I'm sorry for your loss @jessica1316
    I agree with all the previous posts- I don't think there is a clear set rule. You will find that it's been so different for all of us in terms of length of time for AF to return following MC and how long we were told to wait.

     I completely feel for you though, I remember the agony of waiting for AF and just wanting it to show up! Personally, mine was 37 days after a d&c.

    I definitely recommend starting temping! 

    Best wishes to you! 

  • I was was tracking everything, but I was told that it wouldn't be very accurate, if accurate at all. Was that person wrong?
  • You can track BBT, CM, and OPKs after a MC. You're more likely to see weird patterns that can make it harder to interpret, but you would eventually see a shift once you ovulate after a MC. 
  • It sucks! I had a natural mc 9/2 and am temping and still no clear sign of ovulation when all I want to do is try again! I'm going to try to wait a cycle if I can though,  I have some thyroid issues that I need to work out. After my first mc with a d&c I got my af about a month later, but wasn't temping at the time so I'm not sure if I ovulated. Even after my first cycle after the d&c, I had two 60 day long cycles. I know I'm not much help, but I do know it stinks to be benched and be unsure of how things are going.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss, @jessica1316! I had a natural MC at 9 weeks and my doctor suggested I wait one cycle before trying. I did an OPK test at about CD12, my usual peak time, out of curiousity: I got a smiley face. Honestly, I didn't trust it. Maybe my body was getting on with things but my heart certainly wasn't.  Given the incredible cocktail of hormones that support pregnancy, I really wasn't sure I could believe they'd reset themselves so quickly. Not much actual help, I know!  This process really sucks. 
  • I am sorry for your loss @jessica1316

    i recommend temping and checking your cervical fluid daily. That way you can tell if you ovulated at all due to the temp shift.

    i hope you can get to discuss it with your doctor soon enough!
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