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When did you announce?

Hi all - just curious in the April 2017 group when you announced, or when you're planning to. I know everyone is different....we find out the gender of our baby in two weeks, so will plan to announce then. Has anyone announced during the first tri?
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Re: When did you announce?

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    I don't know exactly what you mean by announce. I told my mom right away, ILs after a week, various close friends and boss and female co-workers throughout (especially after 8 week viability scan). Now that 12 week U/S and NIPs came back clear, have told more friends and my male co-workers. Will probably "announce" on social media in early October. 
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  • I meant more openly - social media, etc..a more formal announcement. We've been telling close friends and family as well. :)
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  • Because I'm PGAL I will not being announcing to coworkers and the world in general until at least week 13. Even that makes me nervous. However I plan to tell siblings and grandparents in week 12 and my parents and in laws already know. 
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  • Everyone, but my co-workers and boss.  They will find out next month when i'm 16 weeks.
  • We told our parents at 8 weeks, H is telling his siblings at 10 weeks, and then publicly after our NT scan and NIPT, so probably 12-13 weeks. H has been so excited that he's told most people at work already, since we don't see them outside of work.
  • Yeah, I just let my boss know, but am waiting another week to tell my co-workers. I just did the blood work this morning for genetic testing and to find out the gender, so we will tell more people at 13 weeks when we have all the results back.
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  • We told our parents and siblings at 8-9 weeks, and just started telling extended family and close friends yesterday (12 weeks) after hearing the heartbeat.  DH is telling some school/work people on Monday; I have a "performance planning" meeting that needs to take place with my boss in between now and 9/30 so I'll probably tell her then.  I'll talk to her about a good time to share with co-workers. Probably not posting to FB until mid-October.
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  • We are announcing after out NT scan! Around 14 weeks or so. 

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  • We told parents/siblings after our 8 week appointment where we saw the heartbeat, but explained we wanted them to keep it quiet and let us share the news when we were ready. After our 12 week NT ultrasound where everything looked good, we've started to tell friends and some close extended family as we talk to them. I'm still not sure when I'll do a "public" announcement.. But probably after we find out the gender (mid-November) so I can incorporate that into the announcement! I don't like to post a lot on social media, so I'd prefer one post with all the details :)
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  • We have our NT scan at 12 weeks as well, so that's when we're planning to do a social announcement. Looking forward to knowing the gender at that time too!
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  • We've told close friends and family, but not posting on facebook until my NT scan.  3 weeks to go!

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  • We haven't announced yet. The only person I have told is my supervisor since I've left work abruptly a few times due to intense morning sickness and have had to schedule doctor's appointments. Other than that I haven't told anyone. 

    My FI on the other hand has told his brother and a bunch of his friends. I would be upset, but how can you be upset with someone who is so incredibly happy about becoming a father. 

    We we will be telling my family this weekend at Sunday dinner and will be telling his family when we surprise them in two weeks. We will be telling close friends after that.  I probably won't be telling my coworkers until after Halloween. We probably won't be making any social media announcement seeing as how I don't even have a Facebook and haven't had one since college. 
  • It's our second, so I'm leaning towards no social media.  I actually told my co-workers before almost anyone (except my mom!) because I was suppose to go on a trip for work that would send me to a Zika area and require a lot of heavy lifting - right at the start of my third tri. We told our best friends at 9w2d when we heard the heartbeat.  I will tell all my college friends at the end of October because we're all getting together.  Other than that... I just think maybe I'll do it as the situation arises in person. 
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  • We're just telling people as we see them. We announced our first on FB around 13 weeks because my MIL said something on there before we did, so we "owned up" earlier than I wanted to. Second baby, didn't announce until after we knew it was another girl so we could avoid the "oh are you trying for a boy?!" posts. This time, I kind of want to not publicly spread the news and see how long it takes people to ask why I'm getting fat. I also really do not want to deal with the trying for a boy again... Maybe I'll feel differently once I know the sex. 
  • We had a previous loss so right now only my two sisters and my SIL know. Today we got our NT results - all clear and we did panorama which showed everything as low risk. We have a family BBQ on Sunday so we'll share the news with both our parents then as well as the rest of the family. I don't post any life announcements on FB so no announcement there. I'll likely just start telling friends as I see them. 

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  • I told my BFF the day I got the BFP.  told my boss after my first ultrasound at 9 weeks.  BFF accidently spilled the beans to my male coworkers yesterday.  Planning to tell parents and MIL this weekend (almost 13 weeks).  We have a few friends that we need to tell that may be sensitive to the news, and then I'll consider coming out on social media.  Not really in a rush this time around.
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  • We told family after my first appointment - I was 9 weeks. We've slowly told friends/coworkers here and there the last couple weeks but this go around I'm not in as much of a hurry. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited but it's kinda fun just letting people wonder if I'm putting on weight or pregnant! :)
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  • I told my sisters the day I found out, my parents and a few close friends around 8wks. I don't know when I'll announce on fb. Maybe I'll just wait till I start showing and people start whispering. 
  • We did. For me, it was part circumstantial (visiting my parents in a different country) and part my effort to trust and let go of my fears... They were delighted! We also told my husbands parents who were also happy :) not planning to tell anyone else until nt scan results are in- today I am 10w1d so two more weeks. Hope everyone is having lots of happy moments :)
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    Last measurement:  3150 gs at 37+1!  This is going to be a big baby :)
  • We told a few close friends right away, told bosses and co-workers after 8 w u/s (told kids at same time), and will probably announce on social media in the next week or two.  I'm 10 weeks now.  My husband hasn't told his sister yet, so I'd like her to find out from us instead of on FB.
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  • Had to tell my boss at ~7 weeks because I was puking in my garbage can and our offices are right next to one another. Parents and close friends as we saw them. I don't really like the showy-ness of social media so don't think we will post any sort of formal announcement.
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  • We've been telling people as we see them or speak to them with faraway friends. I send Christmas cards and am planning on doing a pregnancy announcement one this year. That should cover my bases for a final Facebook announcement in January or February. 
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  • We told my family last weekend. I was 9 weeks at the time and had just seen the heartbeat on a dating ultrasound two days earlier. DH told his dad and one of his brothers last week. We will tell the rest of our family as we see them. I am trying to hold off on telling other friends and coworkers until 12 weeks, but if it comes up before then I will probably tell them. 

    Probably nothing on facebook until we know the sex of the baby. I was also thinking of doing something as part of our Christmas card for friends and family that we don't see often...if I do that we might skip Facebook altogether. 
  • I had to tell my boss early on because of morning sickness. We told our parents today and the rest of the world will find out after the NT scan.
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  • I'm on the side of early announcers. We told our families at 6 weeks (once I passed the timeframe of my previous loss). And announced on social media at 7w4d. By this point we had already had two beautiful ultrasounds and all looked well. My boss also knows, but waiting to tell coworker's on Halloween. I'm in the group of, if I miscarry, I want to have a support system around me, it's not a stigma, and I want to celebrate the life of the baby, no matter how short.
    I'm with you 100%.  We waited with DD til 13/14 weeks to break the news, but this time I'm just telling people as I feel like it.  I had to at work because we were trying to plan a camping trip with students when I will be 8.5 months pregnant.  

    I don't know that we'll do a FB thing until baby is actually here. I'm undecided though. 
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  • We told my mom, my BFF, and a cousin with whom I'm close pretty much right away, but we won't tell anyone else until after the 1st tri is over. It actually might end up being closer to 15 weeks as DH will be out of town for a work thing for week 14. Even then, we won't do a facebook announcement until the baby is born. We'll call my dad and bothers, skype with DH's family, give my mom the ok to tell all my aunts (and therefore the rest of the fam), and facebook message/text friends. Pretty much no one gets an in-person announcement as we're so far away from all our family  :/
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  • I've only told 2 of my friends.  Oh and my online class.  I have my first apt in 2 weeks at 12wks and will think about when to announce to my family then.  Might do my side first and wait until we see my husbands side at thanksgiving.  It's our 5th (husbands 7th) so not looking forward to the stupid comments.  Not sure when I will on FB. 
  • We told my parents and siblings last week at 7+4 and will tell husband's parents, siblings, and grandparents when we see them next weekend at 10 weeks. I want to tell my friends soon, but this is my first pregnancy and I'm quite nervous about miscarriage.
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    I'm waiting until after my next appointment (14 weeks) to tell my boss. A couple of my close friend co-workers and my department chair know. I just want to hear the HB one more time and be totally clear of first tri before I said anything.

    We told our parents at 10 weeks after the dating US, and will tell the rest of the family (siblings, etc.) next weekend. Very close friends I told around 10 weeks as well, mostly because I was going to a bachelorette party and didn't want to come up with a good excuse as to why I wasn't drinking. I'm not putting anything on social media until we know the sex in (hopefully) November. 20 weeks is the week of Thanksgiving, so I figured that would be a fun time to do it (I also hate being an AW, so I want to have as few posts regarding pregnancy as possible, haha).

    ETA With DS we announced to family on Christmas, when I was 12 weeks, and then we put an announcement on social media for New Years (13 weeks).
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  • No one other than me and DH know and it'll be that way for a while.  My SIL is due in January with their rainbow baby so I want her to have the attention she deserves.  Our first turns one next month so we also don't want to take attention away from him.  We are going on a vacation with my parents mid-November so we will tell them then as to explain why I won't be indulging in the drink of the day and liquor tastings etc.  Everyone else we plan to announce to using a Christmas card.  We will then post Christmas card pic on Facebook mid-December once the people we want to know first know.  I didn't show with my son until about 30-32 weeks so people can just think I am getting fatter!
  • We don't share pregnancy on social media.  We just share when our baby is born.

    I am a loss mama (x2) so I am really guarded with sharing that I am pregnant.  I told my closest girlfriends early on b/c I needed support.  I told my boss in my 7th week b/c I was puking so much and have a lot of appts early on due to my loss history and other complicating factors, but he is sworn to secrecy until I am ready to share with other coworkers.  My mom knows, I think we told her around 8 wks? My oldest child (6)asked me at 9 wks and I promised myself I would be truthful when she asked so I was. She told some people at school (to my chagrin), but I know she was just excited. She also told my FIL, one of my SIL, our nanny & our chiropractor. LOL. The rest of our families and friends don't know. I am not sure when we will tell them.

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    Missed M/C at 14 wks Feb 2012.

    DD2 born 5/14/13.

    Missed M/C at 9 wks July 2015.

    Expecting someone new 4/17/17.
  • Cook3133 said:
    I've only told 2 of my friends.  Oh and my online class.  I have my first apt in 2 weeks at 12wks and will think about when to announce to my family then.  Might do my side first and wait until we see my husbands side at thanksgiving.  It's our 5th (husbands 7th) so not looking forward to the stupid comments.  Not sure when I will on FB. 
    Seems like FB is the way to go and block comments!! Lol

  • After my dating ultrasound this week (around 10 weeks) I'll be telling the in laws since they're in town for DS's birthday. Everyone else is finding out after my 13 week appointment... so late October. No social media announcement is planned.
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  • We told my parents right away, and his parents/sister around the beginning of the third month, but only because they live 4 hours away, and we wanted to do it in person. I told my best friend right away, because she's basically a sister to me, and we don't have secrets. 
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  • We announced on Facebook at 12 weeks after we had an US and everything looked good. We never announced with DD1 and waited till 13 weeks with DD2.

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