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Supplementing with formula

I tried searching this first, but search isn't working properly for me at the moment. I apologize if this has been asked!

First, we're new to cloth and we chose to do prefolds and thristies covers. I am having to supplement about 6-8 oz a day of formula for my 11 day old. We have been spraying the poop off in the toilet, but I am wondering if anyone else has any other tips for mixed poo. Is it necessary to spray first?

Thanks you in advance.

Kendall, 1/1/13
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Re: Supplementing with formula

  • DS is over 5 months and mostly on formula with a little breastmilk. We don't rinse yet, and the poop washes out just fine. 
  • If the poop is mostly liquid and dissolves easily during the pre-wash then no need to spray or rinse first.  If the poop gets to be quite thick and doesn't dissolve easily in the pre-wash then remove to the toilet before putting in diaper pail.   

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  • Thank you both! 

    Kendall, 1/1/13
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