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Jealous of daycare

My daughter is 4 months old and has been going to daycare since she was 10 weeks. The first couple of weeks she was only there for a few hours a day. Then for about a month she was there from 8-6 and now (this week) she's been there from 8 to 4 because my work schedule changed.  In the morning before I take her she pitches these huge fits so I just take her to daycare because I can't get ready for work or do anything else because I'm tending to her and as soon as I take her into the daycare room and she sees her teachers she lights up and is super happy and they say she's happy all day. When I pick her up from daycare which has been around she comes home and she cries until she goes to bed and I feel like she's happier at daycare than she is at home with me and it makes me feel so bad because I feel like I'm not entertaining her enough of doing enough for her. Then I was thinking maybe it's just the change of scenery and maybe it's just more stimulating at daycare but I don't know what to do. I can't make my house full of other babies like daycare is and I feel so bad, like I'm not a good mom even though I know I'm not. Does anyone else's LO do this? How have you handeled it? 

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    My son used to do this. Mornings were hard for awhile. It's hard because you can't give baby much attention in the morning when you have to get ready for work, and then the evenings are just generally irritable times for most babies, especially around 4 months. It is definitely not that she prefers daycare! It gets better. Once my son could sit in his high chair and eat finger foods, he was happier in the morning (and distractable with food). Like everything else with babies, this too shall pass!
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    I have experienced this too (very sleepy and/or cranky when home)! I try to just maximize my time at home with him and make it as fun as possible for both of us while still trying to get stuff done. I will put him in his car seat with a wubba nub and toys and sit him in the bathroom with me while I get ready in the morning so I can make faces at him and talk to him, and I use the time while I am changing him or getting him dressed to goof around, sing, dance, etc. At night, I make sure to try and engage him in some kind of play or tummy time after he eats so he won't fall asleep. I make the most of it by doing it while I do a chore in the same room, i.e. folding laundry while he lays on his play mat or doing tummy time on the couch while I pump. I also try to really savor our bedtime routine by singing to him and reading him books (even though he is only three months lol). I know how you feel, because it made me super sad at first being away from him for 10 hours a day and seeing his demeanor at home change, but it has gotten easier by trying to find ways to revisit the bond we developed during my maternity leave, even if it's only in small doses. 
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