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3rd trimester scan anyone?

They told me today that I have to go the see how my scar tissue and uterus are before they decide when I'll deliver (3rd section)  Anyone else have to do this?  I haven't had to in the past.
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Re: 3rd trimester scan anyone?

  • I had a third tri scan with my first pregnancy at 30 weeks. It was standard at that practice 
  • A 3rd tri scan is a standard offering at my OB'S practice, but it sounds like you're being offered a scan specific to your individual medical situation so they can determine how long you can safely carry due to having RCS, which is not the same as being offered a 3rd tri scan as routine process.  I'll be having at least 2 US in 3rd tri at 28 and 32 weeks because my baby's cord is off-center on the placenta, so my specific medical situation warrants closer monitoring.

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  • I have a friend that had to have her 3rd c section last year and she was getting a weekly US to monitor her scar tissue. From what I remember, they just don't want the uterus to get too enlarged and the scar tissue to become so thin that it would end up tearing or something like that. They just might be deciding how late they can push your delivery safely
  • @RaquelB94
    That's what I gathered.  I just wanted to know of anyone who went through it.  How many weeks they made it...They told me I'll deliver at 38.  But maybe as early as 36.  I'd prefer 38.

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    I'll have at least weekly scans starting in third tri to keep an eye on these babies' sharing skills with the placenta 
  • With my DS, I had a 3 trimester scan at 36w4d because I was measuring big so it was more of a growth scan (which I get a kick out of since they can be wrong +/- 2 lbs at that point but I got to see baby so whatever and it ended up being about right on because I went in to labor 3 days later and it was pretty close). This pregnancy I have GD and am anticipating more scans along with NST from what I've read. I see my doctor tomorrow and will find out more about what the timing is for this. I think there are a lot of providers that will do one routinely and call it a growth scan, while others only do it if medically indicated. I'm all for the extra monitoring if medically necessary and if it enables baby to cook longer.

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  • How is  this scan different from an ultrasound?  I get an ultrasound at every visit.
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