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Only 6 weeks of maternity leave

This is my first baby and I am really struggling to accept the fact that I have to leave him in a few days to return to work. I get that every new mom has to go through this, so just wondering how everyone coped?? Is it ridiculous that I am jealous our daycare lady gets more time with him a day than I do, and fear that he'll like her more since he's so young yet? 

Re: Only 6 weeks of maternity leave

  • I'm so sorry you only get 6 weeks! I'm still bitter I got only 10 with my dude. I think your feelings are completely normal. it's a hard transition but you can do it. My son is now 16 months and he's thriving in daycare. I've never felt that he preferred it over me or his dad, but I can tell he enjoys it there. ways to cope:

    1) can you start halfway through the week so you don't have to start "cold turkey" for the whole week?
    2) can the daycare lady send you photos throughout the day?
    3) it's ok to cry the first few days. just let it out!
    4) it gets easier! once you get into a routine, it gets less overwhelming.

    good luck!
  • I agree with all the PP's advice, plus I made it so I was able to go with him to daycare for the first couple of days and stay for an hour or two. I did this for three reasons, helped little guy to transition into someone else's care, helped me to feel more comfortable with the teacher I was leaving him with and also showed the daycare I was an involved mother who would be checking in on him all the time. My little guy started at 4 months and is now 18 months and loved his teachers and school. 
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  • My LO is 8 months now and it was hard leaving him to go back to work, but we found a great daycare and he has a ton of fun and he is learning a lot.  They send us pictures every day and we get a little note at the end of every day telling us about all his adventures.  And every day he smiles and reaches for me as soon as he sees me in the evening.  They know who their mommy is and daycare doesn't affect that.
  • I took 10 weeks off and my baby is 6 months now. My husband watches her while I'm gone and honestly she sleeps 90% of the time that I'm gone... so I don't feel like I'm missing much yet. 
  • I was fortunate enough to work part time for 2 years and leave my first lo at home with dad while I worked but with #2 we will only have 6 weeks (unpaid) before having to return to work. I do know that for the time I was an infant teacher the littles always love seeing mommy/daddy at the end of the day, there is no confusion to the baby. Also, having a good relationship with your provider should give you insight into their day as well as confirming that they are there to help give your family the stability it needs. The right provider makes all the difference. just IMO
  • With my son I had to leave him at 5 weeks old, but the lady that watched him is a good family friend with 6 kids of her own. now he stays with another family friend but since he's older (17 months) he knows when I'm leaving. he just screams constantly. but he's never at the sitters more than 2 hours, when daddy gets off work. so it's hard but he usually calms down once I'm out of sight lol I've thought about getting a part time day job and enrolling him jn a daycare a couple days a week to have some experience with other Littles but idk yet.

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